Automation Solutions to Eliminate Warehouse Constraints

Jennifer Maloney
January 30, 2020

Technology is changing distribution operations to meet the demand of customers wanting faster services/shipments. According to research conducted by Invesp Co.,  96% of customers associate fast as same-day delivery, so faster speed in the order fulfillment operations is essential. Moreover, faster operations impact customer loyalty. For example, according to a consumer study conducted by Oracle Retail, 13% of surveyed customers reported avoiding a retailer if their delivery is late. To maximize customer satisfaction within the on-demand economy, Numina Group simplifies workflows, improves processes, and applies the right blend of automation so your operation doesn’t fall victim to warehousing constraints, such as:

  • Poorly slotted inventory storage
  • Missed carrier cut-off shipping costs
  • Wasted labor in costs order processing
  • Inefficient manual labeling and manifesting

Our warehouse automation systems include enhancements such as automated print and apply labeling systems that eliminate processing bottlenecks in packing and shipping operations. In partnership with your team, Numina Group explores fulfillment optimization practices that combat constraints, reduce costs, and increase operational efficiency across the entire pick, pack, and ship operation.

Three Ways to Maximize Warehouse Throughput Efficiency

Maximize Warehouse Efficiency with Automation

  1. Explore the advantages of a top-tier Warehouse Execution and Control System: Numina Group’s RDS, a WES-WCS will accelerate your DC performance. RDS™ optimizes order release to boost picking efficiency and enforce continuous daily productivity gains, even throughout peak season, with expanded order and labor tracking visibility throughout your DC. RDS™ warehouse automation solutions easily integrate with your WMS and ERP systems.
  2. Enhance worker performance with Voice Directed Picking or Pick by Voice: Raise your picking accuracy to 99.9%. RDS™ Voice directs your workforce and keeps them moving with less wasted labor, including optimized walk paths, fork truck routes and less time spent viewing and keying in data.
  3. Eliminate manual packing and manifesting labor with in-line scan-weigh-dimensioning and Print and Apply Labeling Solutions: Process thousands of cartons per hour fast and accurately, so you meet same day shipping demands. Print and Apply will increase order throughput and can scale from mid-size to the highest volume DC operations.

Numina Group has been focused for over 30 years on warehouse design improvements and automation systems. We will help you identify warehousing order fulfillment constraints and provide the right solution to optimize your operation. Contact our warehousing experts for a comprehensive assessment of your current DC operations, and stay ahead of the on-demand economy.

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