Benefit from the GO Zebra Trade-In Program with Numina Group

Jennifer Maloney
January 23, 2020

We’re excited to announce our recent partnership with Zebra Technologies, the industry’s leading mobile device automation manufacturer. Together our warehousing automation teams are implementing the latest technologies to manage better processes, boost operational efficiency to reduce labor costs, and increase order completion times and accuracy.

One example of this is Numina Group’s real-time voice picking application executed on Zebra’s latest generation Android-powered wearable computers. These latest wearable computers seamlessly connect to Zebra’s wireless headsets and the just-released Model RS5100 wireless camera ring scanner. RDS™ Voice combines hands-free 2-D barcode scanning with voice commands to convert pick and pack validation into a single touch operation.

The advancements in Zebra’s wearable computers increases ergonomics and speed in the voice picking application by 5%-10%, further optimizing voice picking’s performance advantages and improving accuracy in piece picking, full case picking and kitting, with lot and serial capture in medical, food cold storage, and other applications. 

Advantages of True Full Mobility

Go Zebra Warehouse Full Mobility

Faster performance in the Distribution Center provides higher quality customer service and reduced-order pick and pack completion times, ultimately improving delivery times, which is a crucial necessity in every DC regardless of the size or business. Studies suggest at least 65% of retailers today offer same-day delivery; therefore, it’s time to implement technology to increase the speed and accuracy in your fulfillment operations in order to compete. By integrating a voice-directed mobile workforce in your DC you’ll benefit through:

  • Faster onboarding – Because warehousing is one of the top industries facing high and expensive workforce turnover rates, simplified employee onboarding is vital to driving down costs. Devices such as Zebra’s TC52 handheld computers have familiar Android touch-screen interfaces, so new employees do not have much of a learning curve. Furthermore, the compact touch-screen computer streamlines workflows by combining long-range connectivity networks with omnidirectional data capture, so employees only need to be trained on one device instead of several.
  • Voice-enabled productivity – Speaker independent voice-picking requires zero operator voice training. Operators, especially new employees, can be productive the first hour on the job.  When deployed on rugged, wearable hardware, such as the WT6000, multi-modal speech-directed picking, combined with a hands-free, eyes focused picking process boosts productivity by 20% to 40% with accuracy of 99.99%, reducing errors.
  • Unmatched ergonomics – Productivity and ergonomics go hand in hand, which is why Zebra’s RS5100 latest 2-D Omni-directional barcode scanner is light and designed to fit on your index finger. This small, fast scanner captures item and serial number barcode data in milli-seconds and minimizes worker verification tasks. With a 12-hour battery life, the RS5100 can perform 14,400 scans in a single charge. Furthermore, thanks to its rugged design, the scanner reduces repair visits, securing maximum uptime and lowering total cost of ownership.

Zebra RS5100 and WT6000 Used in Warehouse Scanning

Numina Group can help you modernize your order fulfillment operation and eliminate the reliance on people, paper, and obsolete Windows-based terminals by taking advantage of the GO Zebra Trade-In Program. The program provides cost-savings, with a trade-in program for your warehouse productivity upgrade. We’ll assist you in purchasing qualifying devices and submitting the claim form. When you trade-in legacy RF terminals, you’ll get cash rebates up to $200 per device or a cost concession.

The immediacy of the Internet World demands higher warehouse productivity. As leaders in designing efficient automation solutions, Numina Group will partner with you to help define and implement a DC optimization strategy tailored to your needs. Contact our warehousing specialists today to see how better processes managed with the right automation technologies will optimize your order fulfillment operation.

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