Voice Picking

Voice Picking

Voice picking is a warehouse automation solution that improves productivity in the warehouse by replacing manual and paper-driven order-picking tasks with voice recognition technology and easy-to-understand voice prompts to direct worker’s activities.

Warehouse voice picking systems typically comprise a headset or other device with a voice recognition system that guides the operator’s tasks. When the operator receives an order, the system provides commands that prompt them to advance to a specific warehouse location to pick specific items and quantities for individual order picking or batch picking.

The worker speaks to the voice system to confirm and validate each task as items are picked and packed, so the results are updated in the warehouse system. After picking is completed, the system directs the operator to the next order and warehouse location to continue picking.

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Benefits of Pick-by-Voice Systems

Pick-by-voice systems increase productivity and accuracy in order fulfillment by eliminating the manual, time-consuming tasks of paper-based picking and freeing workers from the constraints of handheld computer terminals.

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Pick-by-voice systems can accelerate picking productivity by 30% to 50% by eliminating time-consuming manual tasks, improving order accuracy to 99.9%, reducing labor, and increasing overall picking efficiency.

Advances in Voice Recognition Technology

Voice recognition technology has rapidly evolved in the past few years. Modern systems, such as Numina’s Victory Voice™ Suite, outperform traditional voice recognizers by using deep learning neural networks with AI recognition to deliver best-in-class speaker-independent natural language recognition.

As a result, the latest voice technology solutions require zero voice training and are easy to learn and intuitive so that warehouse workers can be productive in as few as 15 minutes. Advanced voice systems are also typically equipped with a hands-free wearable mobile computer so operators can work in a highly productive and accurate hands-free, eyes-forward manner.

Integration with Warehouse Automation Systems

Pick-by-voice technology is often implemented with warehouse automation technologies, such as automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), conveyor systems, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), batch picking systems, and more to streamline and optimize the order fulfillment process.

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