Automated Conveyor System

Automated Conveyor System

An automated conveyor system is a material handling technology used to transport materials or products from one place to another within a warehouse, distribution center, manufacturing plant, or other industrial facilities. It consists of a series of conveyor belts, rollers, or other mechanisms powered by motors or other drive systems to move objects from one location to another.

Selecting the right automated conveyor system is critical to efficient warehouse design. Many conveyor solutions can be customized to meet specific facility requirements. Options include:

  • Belt-driven conveyor
  • 24V MDR conveyor
  • Daisy chain conveyor
  • Narrow belt conveyor
  • Chain driven conveyor
  • Zero-pressure accumulation conveyor
  • Line shaft conveyor
  • Roller conveyor
  • Spiral conveyor
  • Accumulation conveyor
  • Overhead conveyor
  • Conveyor sortation systems

In an industrial setting, automated conveyors streamline receiving, handling, storage, manufacturing and order fulfillment operations well. Depending on the solution chosen, conveyors can transport items of all sizes and weights, including boxes, pallets, and other types of packaging.

Benefits of an Automated Warehouse Conveyor

An automated conveyor solution will reduce labor requirements and increase efficiency, throughput, and profitability when designed correctly.
Automated conveyors are typically integrated with other warehouse automation technologies, such as automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) and automated mobile robots (AMRs), to streamline and optimize the handling and transportation activities across an entire facility.

Selecting an Automated Conveyor for Your Operations

When reviewing automated conveyor systems for your distribution operations, it is best to work with an independent warehouse systems integrator who has experience reviewing, benchmarking and implementing systems from all the leading material handling equipment providers.

As an leading warehouse automation design consultant and independent systems integrator, the Numina Group has over 35 years of experience defining, designing, and implementing highly profitable automated warehouse systems. Our warehouse software solution, RDS™ WES-WCS is a real-time warehouse execution and control software platform for optimized order release, goods-to-person (G2P) automation, and turnkey pack and ship automation, seamlessly integrated into your ERP/WMS system.

RDS provides versatile, reliable order fulfillment automation for to optimize pick, pack and ship operations. Our automated warehouse solutions help companies increase productivity by 50% or more, reduce labor expenses by 30% to 70%, and increase order fulfillment accuracy to 99.99%.

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