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The ROI of Voice Picking

November 8, 2022

How to Quantify the Cost-Saving Benefits of Voice Picking Technology

Picking operations make up 50% or more of total warehouse labor costs when accounting for order picking, quality control, and packing activities. Voice-picking technology or pick-by-voice is a proven method to reduce manual picking tasks, lower labor costs, and increase profitability.

What is Voice Picking Technology?

A pick-by-voice solution directs the operator’s movement using voice commands combined with product barcode scan validation to direct a more efficient picking process in a fast, consistent manner with built-in order pick & pack validation.

Today’s most advanced voice-picking solutions combine the convenience of voice-directed instruction, wireless headsets, and hands-free barcode scanners for fast, paperless order picking and task validation.

When configured for optimal efficiency, voice-picking takes the guesswork out and enforces uniform best-practice work procedures across the order fulfillment process.

Expected ROI Gains 

The ROI achieved with voice picking varies by company, as every warehouse has unique requirements. However, in averaging the ROI across diverse operations, first-generation voice-picking technology yields a 25% to 35% improvement in productivity.

The ROI can be 50% or higher when voice picking is integrated with a real-time order fulfillment suite similar to Numina Group’s Victory Voice Suite, to replace a paper-based discrete order picking system.

A voice-directed order fulfillment solution should yield an ROI in as little as 12 to 14 months for a company with predominantly manual discreet paper-based picking operations.

Voice-Directed Picking Productivity Gains

Latest generation voice picking solutions, such as Numina Group’s Victory Voice™ Suite, are voice independent, easy to learn, and require zero operator training. New employees and seasonal staff can be productive in 15 minutes or less.

Victory Voice is the latest advancement in multimodal order picking, yielding 99.9% picking accuracy and reducing pick and pack labor requirements by 50% or more in existing operations. Several clients have increased picking rates to 230-300 lines per hour in high-velocity, properly SKU-slotted pick zones.

The best voice-picking solutions are capable of handling diverse picking requirements. For example, Victory Voice is highly flexible and supports multiple picking operations, including:

  • Pick to conveyor
  • Discrete orders
  • Batch cart picking
  • Mixed case pallet
  • Full pallet pick
  • Directing multi-zone consolidation for LTL and truck shipments

To achieve the greatest ROI, choose a voice-picking solution that includes order fulfillment optimization components to further enhance efficiency and accuracy.

For example, Victory Voice includes an optimized order release module that supports continuous and batch order release planning, models the most efficient employee pick paths, synchronizes workers’ tasks with mobile warehouse robots, and includes built-in, advanced cartonization software to ensure least-cost shipping.

Learn more about the RDS Victory Voice Suite

Getting Started

Before you select a voice-picking solution, it is essential to gather data and perform an analysis to determine the technology for your operation. Questions to consider include: 

  • Are you still relying on paper in the picking and order fulfillment operation?
  • Do you mainly rely on a discrete, one-at-a-time order-picking process
  • Do you pick and pack to a single carton? Spoiler alert: order release software and cartonization software logic will remove all unnecessary steps out of picking and packing.
  • Is picking and packing a bottleneck that restricts throughput during daily peak periods and peak season shipments?
  • What is the daily labor requirement to perform packing and QC order checking
  • What are your yearly labor costs for order picking and secondary QC?

To ensure that your project achieves a measurable and rapid ROI, work with an independent warehouse system integrator to benchmark your existing operations and conduct a warehouse engineering study that forms the basis of your warehouse automation solution.

Learn More About Numina’s System Integration Services

As a leading warehouse software developer and independent systems integrator with more than three decades of experience, the Numina Group can help you navigate the complexities of choosing the right technologies with our turnkey warehouse automation software and hardware services.

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