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Retail Fulfillment Success Story

350,000 Sq. Foot Retail Fulfillment Distribution Center Streamlines the Picking Process by Moving to Pick by Voice for its 1,000,000 Active SKU’s When a leading retail fulfillment firm with over 250 retail stores wanted to ditch its paper picking process, it leap-frogged RF and went directly to voice picking, which turned out to be a…


Accelerate Ecommerce Order Fulfillment

Accelerate Ecommerce Order Fulfillment Productivity by Automating the Last 100’ of the DC! We’re often asked by clients to identify ways to accelerate throughput and eliminate the bottlenecks in a manual pack and ship order fulfillment operation. The initiative can include all three components of Ecommerce Order Fulfillment – pick, pack, and ship at the…


Automation Off-sets Warehousing Labor Shortage

Unemployment recently hit a 10 year low, sending a wake-up call that companies need to invest in technology to increase productivity in warehousing and distribution operations! The US Job Market added more jobs than expected, lowering the US Unemployment rate to a 10-year low.  The latest report shows the addition of 138,000 jobs with the…


Value Stream Mapping

Eliminate Waste in your Order Fulfillment Operation with Value Stream Mapping In an earlier post, we discussed how upfront planning to define the right DC design road map can lead to free warehouse automation thanks to a rapid ROI generating significant cost savings. Studies show that best-in-class companies that emphasize continuous improvement, invest in value…


How Mechatronics Shows the Path to Higher Productivity in Order Fulfillment Automation

Far too often, distribution operations compartmentalize areas and direct managers to focus on solving daily operational issues and requirements in specific departments within the distribution center (DC). However, a more effective approach is to combine higher accuracy and more efficient design driven with technologies such as pick-to-voice, and then combine better picking with pack automation…