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Numina Group’s Warehouse Technologies and Software to be showcased at Promat 2019 – Booth #S4237   Numina Group, a leading material handling order fulfillment automation integrator, will demonstrate several of their key technologies including pick by voice, pick and pack to light and exclusive print and apply labeling solutions integrated for automating pack and ship operations.…


Visit Booth S4237 at Promat 2019

April 8-11 at Chicago’s McCormick Place Promat is one of the Manufacturing, Distribution, and Supply Chain Industries’ largest and most prestigious trade shows.  Numina will be demonstrating our innovative technologies proven in hundreds of applications to increase distribution profitability. Experience a hands on demo of our zero training voice driven picking solution – pick an…


Voice Picking Software Improves Perfect Order Metrics

Unlike the vast majority of online shoppers, I frequently think about voice picking software and perfect order KPI’s because I am in the warehouse automation solutions business.  During the recent Holiday rush, however, I experienced firsthand the additional costs to businesses when they fail to meet shipping deadlines.  I recently received an unexpected (and unwelcome)…


Shipping and Receiving Software for Continuous Order Flow

Think Continuous for Higher Order Fulfillment Profitability Increased Efficiency Equates to Higher Profitability Imagine the benefits of all order fulfillment processes operating in a continuous order flow operation, with shipping and receiving software uniting processes, and working in real-time! Let’s face it, many distribution operations are still a series of disconnected processes with receiving, put-away,…


Order Fulfillment Throughput and Profitability

Components of a Successful Order Fulfillment Design Numina Group believes in a collaborative approach when defining warehouse operation improvements for order fulfillment. It takes the combination of the DC operation’s team input and a knowledgeable partner with application expertise in the latest advancements in distribution process automation technologies to develop the right solution to fit…


Pick to Light System

Put to Light Order Consolidation  Pick to Light Systems, fast, simple, and accurate technology increases picking speed and lowers labor costs in case and each order fulfillment operations. Pick and Put to Light System benefits: Easy to install Simple to use Minimal operator training Fast and accurate compared to a paper or wireless terminal based…


Voice Picking Technology

Innovations in Warehouse Design for Today’s Distribution Center Investing in a voice picking suite that includes a complete family of pre-developed picking and warehouse automation application modules results in more united and efficient distribution practices. The application software, called a voice suite, goes beyond voice only applications and blends voice directed picking and automation components…


Cartonization Software and Scan-Weigh-Dimensioning Technology

Increase Distribution Profitability UPS and FedEx both use dimensional weight to determine shipping rates, making it increasingly important for parcel B2B and B2C Internet fulfillment operations to use cartonization software and scan-weigh-dimensioning technology in order to have accurate inline dimension-weigh-capture performed for each outbound shipment. Estimating the dim-weight or relying on an operator to record…