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Voice Picking Myths

Voice Picking Technology Myths – Debunked

 Common Warehouse Voice-Directed Technology Myths – Debunked  There are quite a few outdated concerns and myths surrounding voice directed picking automation, and we’re here to clear them up. Numina Group has been implementing Pick by Voice Solutions since 2008. The performance speed, efficiency and recognition rate for industrial voice engines has continuously improved over the…

Mobile Powered Workstation

Mobile Powered Workstations & Carts

Four Big Benefits Gained from Mobile Powered Carts – Part 1   Companies today have access to a plethora of technologies for automating and streamlining warehouse operations. So much so, that it is sometimes easy to overlook how a lean simple technology can be combined with other technologies to impact daily labor savings while returning…


Considering Warehouse Robotics?

New to Warehouse Robotics?  Key Terms to Know Today. In 1961, the first humans, Alan Shepard of the USA and Yuri Gagarin of the USSR made the first manned flights into space.  Another significant technological advancement occurred in 61’ that has revolutionized manufacturing. This was the year General Motors brought the first Unimate robot, invented…

Robots Transform the DC

Selecting DC Automation for E-Com

Taking a Phased Approach to Selecting DC Automation Have you recently experienced a surge in E-Com orders? We have seen a big uptick in interest for process and technology improvements across a number of different industry segments looking to more efficiently operate their E-Com shipping business due to a surge in business.  Many had previously…


Balancing Work Across Multiple Pick Zones

RDS™ Order Release Module balances the order mix across the Split Case and Full Case Pick Modules along with the order flow to the pack Area, Print and Apply Labeling, Ship Sorter and Pallet Build Operations. Warehouse distribution operations are shipping critical items, including laptop computers, electronics, HVAC components, and repair parts for both consumer…