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Automated Warehouse Systems Increase Productivity and Profitability

Numina Group leads the industry in automated warehouse systems design and implementation, providing significant cost savings to thousands of distribution and order fulfillment centers across North America.

What is an Automated Warehouse System?

An automated warehouse system is a technology solution that combines warehouse execution and control software with mobile computing, voice technology, mobile robots and material handling solutions to eliminate manual processes, improve efficiency, and accelerate order fulfillment.

No two automated warehouse systems are alike. They vary in design and functionality due to many factors including business specialty, product mix, customer profile, facility layout, and more. For example, [can we come up with an example here?

An automated warehouse system may range in the extent of automation it provides – from fully automated warehouse systems with no human intervention to solutions that leverage technology to optimize employees’ work tasks.

For more than three decades, the Numina Group has specialized in the design and implementation of automated warehouse systems for medium to large-sized companies in a wide range of industries. We’ve designed high-performance warehouse automation systems for B2B, B2C, third-party logistics (3PLs), omnichannel, e-commerce, retail, medical, pharmaceutical, and many other warehouse operations.

For every project, we work closely with our clients to define the optimal automation plan for their specific operations. Our industrial engineering expertise results in a design for your warehouse that optimizes your operations to increase efficiency and throughput, reduce operational costs and increase profitability.

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Automated Warehouse System Design

The Numina Group excels at designing and implementing turn-key robotic warehouse systems with advanced technologies proven to slash costs and increase profits. Our warehouse design services include analyzing existing facilities for capacity and expansion needs, retrofits, and accommodating future growth plans. Numina’s experienced automation engineers help companies maximize capacity, practice intelligent space utilization, and eliminate spend on unnecessary capital expenditures.

Our design and engineering team works collaboratively with your team through every phase of your project, from design through implementation.

We begin with a value stream mapping analysis of your distribution process, which uncovers the technologies that will optimize your order fulfillment process. Once this is complete we help you to optimize RDS WES-WCS and your material handling automation technologies for optimal performance results.

RDS™ WES-WCS Warehouse Execution and Control Platform

RDS WES-WCS is a modular, high-performance warehouse automation software platform that connects, controls and orchestrates all components that make up your automated warehouse system.  RDS seamlessly scales from small applications to handle high-volume order fulfillment operations requiring millions of transactions per hour.

RDS integrates with all existing WMS/ERP systems to execute business rules, control tasks, and provide real-time control of material handling automation.   

Automated Warehouse Technology Selection

Numina partners with your team to select the automated warehouse technologies that will provide maximum benefit to your operation, taking your unique warehouse design and layout into account. We do not sell canned solutions.

As an independent warehouse systems integrator, we’ve worked with many of the industry’s leading warehouse equipment providers and can put our experience to work for you. We are unbiased in our selections, recommending the best equipment for your process, independent of the manufacturer.

The Numina Group has broad and deep experience with many types of warehouse automation equipment and has developed systems to include a wide range of operational needs including automated storage and retrieval, racking, picking, packing and shipping.

We’ve designed client-specific automated warehouse systems that include:

Automated Warehouse Technology Selection

The Numina Group is an independent warehouse systems integrator with more than 30 years of experience working with a broad range of warehouse software and material handling systems. We are happy to share our deep experience to help you review, benchmark and select the best combination of technologies for your project.

Our design and engineering team works collaboratively with your team through every phase of your project, from design through implementation. Your project team works with you throughout the project life cycle and is also available after go-live as a single point of contact for all calls related to your automated warehouse system.

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