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Numina Group offers impartial advice on the hardware selection and provides a design guarantee

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Numina Group’s semi-automatic and automated pick, pack, and ship sorting systems offer high accuracy and increased productivity to reduce touches, increase accuracy and streamline distribution order fulfillment processes. The barcode scanning and sorting is managed by RDS™ WES-WCS, which includes a true real-time control language that operates in fewer than 250 micro-seconds! RDS™ is proven in sorting controls systems managing high speed order fulfillment sort logic for internet, retail, and other distribution applications. If you have a high volume of mixed SKU orders and want to explore picking, packing, order consolidation, and shipping sorting automation, we have the expertise to design and select the right sorting technology from cost effective voice directed and pick/put to light sorting to fully automated unit sorters operating at over 250,000 SKU’s per day.  We can meet your application and performance requirements.

high speed sortation equipmentAs an independent system integrator we offer unbiased advice on the hardware selection and provide a design guaranteed to meet the sortation and conveyor application requirements. If you operate a mid-volume DC with peak carton per minute throughput under 40 CPM, the latest 24 VDC motor driven roller conveyor and sorting technology could be the cost effective solution for your warehouse conveyor and sorting requirements. To discover which technology will best improve your distribution efficiency in your application (sort by voice, sort by lights or automated pick, pack and ship sortation), please Contact us  for more information.

The Numina Group will partner with your team to implement process improvements matched with the right technologies for your warehouse automated sortation requirements that will deliver the highest return on investment.