warehouse execution system

Warehouse Execution System


Real-Time Distribution, RDS™, bringing unparalleled flexibility and scalability to warehouse control and warehouse execution

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Warehouse Execution System by Numina for High Performance Automation

Numina Group’s Real-Time Distribution, RDS™, is the industry leading warehouse execution system, bringing unparalleled flexibility and scalability to warehouse control and warehouse execution.  RDS provides significant cost savings to thousands of customers in demanding order fulfillment installations across North America.  We have over thirty years of experience designing warehouse automation solutions that streamline order flow, eliminate wasted touches, improve throughput, and maximize profitability.

Numina’s Real-Time Distribution warehouse execution and control software, RDS™, integrates with all existing WMS/ERP systems to control tasks, execute business rules, and provide real-time control of material handling automation.   RDS™ is a powerful, high-performing warehouse execution software that seamlessly scales from small applications, to handle high-volume order fulfillment operations requiring millions of transactions per hour.   

Benefits of Numina’s Warehouse Execution System

Numina’s warehouse execution system provides benefits to distribution centers in a wide variety of industries.  We have helped companies in B to B, B to C, Medical, Pharmaceutical, E-Commerce, Omni-Channel Distributors, and have successful installations across countless other industries where our customers are differentiating themselves by maximizing their facility’s throughput capabilities, and obtaining profitability that would be impossible to achieve without a top tier warehouse execution system powering advanced warehouse automation technologies.  Numina implements proven warehouse automation solutions that deliver the following benefits:

    • Reduction in labor expenses from 30% to 70%
    • Increase in profitability 30% to 70%
    • Realized order fulfillment accuracy rates of 99.99%
    • Quick Return on Investment

Numina begins with a value stream mapping analysis of your distribution process which uncovers the technologies that will optimize your order fulfillment process.  

Warehouse Execution and Control Technologies

RDS™ delivers true real-time warehouse execution and control in sub-milliseconds to a host of   automated warehouse technologies including:

    • Voice Picking Technology
    • Pick to Light and Put to Light
    • Print and Apply Labeling
    • Print-Fold-Insert for accurate placement of shipping documents
    • In motion scanning for weight and dimensional validation
    • Real-time, high-speed and high volume sortation
    • Automated conveyor systems designed for your process
    • RFID and barcode scanners

RDS™ includes these automation modules plus many more advanced technologies with easy connectivity, web based diagnostics, and host interfaces that will not only outperform our existing WMS and ERP system capabilities, but also significantly reduce the host programming burden.  All modules are user-friendly, and include labor management equipped with simple viewing and reporting.  

Numina Group provides ongoing service and support from skilled engineers, to ensure your continued success.  

Numina Group helps companies implement maximum productivity and increased profitability in warehouse and distribution centers across North America. Review our case studies and contact us today to learn the impact superior automation will have on your throughput and profitability with our leading warehouse execution system.