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3 Reasons Numina Group was the top booth to visit at ProMat 2023

March 19, 2023

This year at ProMat – Numina Group’s Booth featured a Trifecta of warehouse automation solutions – RDS™ WES-WCS, Victory Voice™, and Pakt™, powerful tools that are a win for order fulfillment and distribution operations.

They can be combined into a single end-to-end solution, reducing labor by up to 50%, while increasing productivity, accuracy, and throughput across pick, pack, and ship operations.

Numina’s booth at ProMat 2023 showcased all 3 of these solutions

Our Pakt line was continuously running, we provided Victory Voice picking demos and a contingent of warehouse automation experts on hand to educate visitors on how RDS WES-WCS can transform your e-commerce fulfillment and distribution operations.

Numina Group, a leading independent systems integrator for over 35 years, continuously strives to provide cutting-edge solutions for clients. Warehouse automation software and technologies are rapidly advancing; this is especially true of our latest software automation components, that form the foundation of the RDS™ WES-WCS platform.

Victory Voice Picking Suite is an excellent example of modular automation. It includes all the order-picking tools required for any size omnichannel, E-Com, or B2B distribution operation.

Additionally, it seamlessly connects with Pakt™ to unite automated pick, with pack and ship components, much like Software “Lego Blocks”.

Numina Group’s approach to warehouse automation is to repeatably deliver best practice solutions that reduce client’s order fulfillment labor costs by 50% or more while increasing accuracy and order per day throughput.

RDS is a scalable, comprehensive Tier 1 WES-WCS Platform

The foundation of Numina’s warehouse automation is RDS™, a robust, modular warehouse execution and control software platform proven in hundreds of B2B and E-commerce operations. RDS bolts onto existing ERP/WMS platforms and integrates the latest advancement in warehouse automation technologies.

RDS WES-WCS drives lean, fast, low-touch labor practices that combine the latest advancements in AMRs and goods-to-person (G2P) picking technologies.

Whether the application requires advanced cartonization, continuous order release, order release based on optimized and prioritized waves, goods to person picking and storage, voice picking, conveyor systems, automated packaging, or high-speed sortation, RDS’s real-time execution and control platform balances and synchronizes picking and order flow across the entire warehouse operation.

Victory Voice is a Next Generation Multi-Modal Voice Directed Picking Suite

Victory Voice, RDS’s Voice Suite, is a feature rich voice directed picking solution. It manages picking processes for the entire mix of order types found in an omni-channel order fulfillment operation. 

Victory Voice’s advanced batch cart module can be combined with RDS’s industry-leading cartonization solution to pick directly to the shipping carton.

For higher volume operations, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are utilized to handle a mix of picks to the shipping carton or totes, which creates a low touch, highly accurate pick and pack operation with hands free scan verification to the right size carton!

The picking module handles mixed case pick to pallet with carrier labeling and manifesting along with non-conveyable, full pallet picking, LTL pallet build, order consolidation, and staging.

The voice application suite guides and directs operators in optimized travel paths and enforces uniform work procedures across the entire team.

Video: Voice-Directed Picking System Demonstration

The workers are equipped with the latest generation light weight, mobile wearable computers and scanners, combining voice messaging, visual display message prompts, product images and voice, touch screen and feedback to deliver a highly productive, accurate, and safer hands-free, eyes focused order pick, pack, and ship operation.

Victory Voice prevents operators from mis-picks by providing a descriptor and image of the product at the barcode scan of the item. It’s true multi-modal messaging, scan validation and real-time labor performance tracking and reporting all happen seamlessly while executing single touch pick accuracy at 99.9%.

The ROI of Voice Picking

Victory Voice API integrates superior picking processes with existing ERP/WMS to streamline the order fulfillment operation. The Victory Voice Suite can be deployed as a stand-alone application or as a module of Numina Group’s RDS WCS-WES for managing a sophisticated enterprise level fully automated warehouse operation.

To learn more, contact us to speak with a warehouse automation specialist and arrange a complimentary consultation. 

Pakt™ – Pack and Ship Automation Simplified

Pakt™, released in January, is a modular and scalable Pack and Ship SLAM automation solution that accommodates warehouse operations of all sizes. Pakt provides a 3X to 7X reduction in labor usage compared to an operation relying on manual labor for packing and manifesting.

Stop Manually Packing and Shipping – Discover Pakt

Pakt provides a compelling ROI for operations shipping 200 to 2,000 cartons per hour. It complements new and existing AMR based picking systems and easily justifies in a DC that experiences daily or seasonal bottlenecks in the pack, manifest, and shipping operation.

Pakt includes a family of pre-developed automation modules, much like “Legos of Automation” that can be purchased individually or integrated into a complete pack and ship solution.

Video: Demonstration of Pakt Modules

The modular in-line conveyor modules include a scan-weigh-vision quality check station, automated pack slip and marketing material documentation, pack sheet print and insert, auto or semi-automatic pack and seal stations, final scan-weigh-dim, auto-manifesting, with print and apply shipping label, and carrier and LTL sorting.

Pakt provides guaranteed throughput performance and is easily tailored to most existing and new warehouse automation requirements.

About Numina Group

Numina Group, an industry leading independent systems’ integrator in warehouse automation, has over 35 years of experience in software development, design services, and implementation of advanced automation technologies for Warehouse and Distribution Operations, focused on improving warehouse order fulfillment operation efficiency.

They work in partnership with clients to evaluate and define process improvements and the right blend of warehouse automation material handling technology to deliver a rapid ROI.

Numina Group designs and implements optimized warehouse processes managed by Numina’s Real-time Distribution Software (RDS™) Warehouse Execution and Control Software.

RDS is a full suite of predeveloped modules, including order release optimization for managing the latest generation autonomous mobile robot-driven goods-to-person systems (G2P), voice and pick-to-light systems, automated pack and ship conveyor systems, cartonization, conveyor system control, weight and vision audit, print and apply labeling, and high-speed sortation.

Complimentary Demonstration 

To learn more, contact us to speak with a warehouse automation specialist and arrange a complimentary consultation. 

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