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Stop Manually Packing and Shipping – Discover Pakt™

January 16, 2023

Because we eat, sleep, and breathe warehousing, we intimately understand the importance of improving picking productivity and the constraints that exist in the absence of advanced technology.

However, the lack of attention and viable options for automating packing and shipping has quickly become the point of constraint. 

Fulfillment is like a triathlon in that it has three events (picking, packing, and shipping) – the key difference being that you are only as fast as your slowest event.

After automating the picking process, the bottleneck often merely shifts to packing and shipping. This pinch point prevents companies from realizing any building-level throughput improvements achieved by optimizing order picking.

You’ve Increased Picking Productivity – Where is Your Bottleneck Now?

The picking productivity increase may solve one direct labor problem, but in doing so, it creates another. You will now have to find space and people for manual pack & ship stations to accommodate your improved picking productivity.

So where are the packing and shipping automation solutions, and why are they so scarce compared to picking automation solutions?

Traditionally, warehouse operations seeking automated pack-and-ship functions have had to approach integrators to develop customized solutions that are static and specific to their operations.

Due to the nature of these customizations, these solutions are overly expensive, have long lead times to implement, are inflexible when it comes to adding capacity or capabilities, and become hard to support.

Simply stated, pack and ship automation has never been productized.

Furthermore, the procurement process for pack/ship automation has historically been a maddening process. Legacy integrators have notoriously leaned into complexity as a commercial strategy – creating intricacy for the purpose of selling the ability to navigate through it. Worst yet, if you do not have eight figures to spend, most will not even give you the time of day.

The fact of the matter is there is still a tremendous amount of non-value-added labor being incurred in both packing and shipping that should be automated out of the operation.

We have seen a disproportionate amount of warehouse optimization projects solely focused on picking when we know full well that true warehouse optimization only occurs when there is a steady, consistent flow across each of the three functional areas.

That is why we are launching Pakt™, a fully productized pack and ship automation solution that is purpose-built for fulfillment operations. 

We aim to demystify pack/ship automation by synthesizing it down to a consumable technology product. Pakt is a post-pick, end-of-line solution comprised of:

  • Scan, Weigh, Vision Audit (SWD): To ensure the right products have been picked into the right shipping container based on weight and to provide image-based traceability via cameras
  • Print, Fold, Insertion (PFI)/Document Insertion: To automatically insert any packing slips, marketing materials or compliance documentation
  • Void & Auto-Taping: To have rules-based, system-directed void insertion as well as automatic taping of the shipping container
  • Print and Apply (PANDA): To automatically manifest, print, and apply labels for shipping, ASN, UCC, packing slips, packing sheets and more.
  • Shipping Sortation: To automatically sort shipping containers based on parcel carriers, LTL, FTL and exceptions

Pakt Yields a 5X Pack & Ship Productivity Gains and 70% Reduction in Labor Costs 

The Pakt solution increases pack and ship productivity from, at minimum, 1 order per minute to 10 orders per minute. 

For every 10 packers/shippers required for a manual process, clients can anticipate a 7-worker reduction.

Regardless if our clients procure Pakt as a capital investment or as an Automation-as-a-Service (AaaS) investment, we make a pact to deliver a solution that will meet their financial business objectives.

After decades of designing, implementing, and supporting hundreds of pack/ship solutions, Numina Group is uniquely qualified and positioned to bring this solution to the warehouse automation marketplace.

Ready to learn more? Contact the Numina Group today. 

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