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Automotive Material Handling


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Automotive e-commerce has grown significantly over the last decade. The easy availability of parts and components for virtually all makes and models of cars and trucks allows owners to work on their vehicles at home. As the recognized leader in distribution, warehousing and automation solutions, The Numina Group has the expertise and capabilities to work with this sector. Our comprehensive automotive material handling services have helped numerous manufacturers and distributors become more efficient and effective in serving this demanding industry.

Solving Problems for the Supply Chain

We bring real problem-solving capacity to material handling in the automobile industry. We have an array of solutions for fulfillment and picking for parts of any shape and size. For example, our print-and-apply labeling systems make it possible to process thousands of cartons per hour with the highest levels of accuracy and speed. They include advanced real-time software and scanning along with cutting-edge measurement and label application technology. Thanks to these features, our print-and-apply systems can deliver reliable service even in the most challenging applications. 

For exceptionally streamlined and accurate picking, our Pick-to-Light systems offer the performance you need. Applicable to virtually any shelving or rack storage system, these message displays and indicator lights tell operators at a glance precisely how many of each item needs to be picked. They come with hands-free scanning and paperless operation, substantially reducing the risk of human error and boosting productivity. This solution can be especially useful for kitting applications, such as when several motor parts are bundled into one order for a consumer. 

When an entire facility needs an overhaul, the complete warehouse design services we provide can drive improvements from top to bottom. We take a close look at every aspect and spot any areas that require improvement. From there, we create an optimized layout that incorporates the latest automation technologies to ensure the best overall results. Our know-how means you can reduce touches, decrease labor costs and boost your revenue. 

Everything we deliver can be integrated into our robust warehouse execution and control software platform, the Real-Time Distribution System (RDS™). This collection of predeveloped application control modules connects seamlessly to your existing ERP or WMS.

Turn to the Leaders in Automation

The Numina Group has more than 30 years of experience in warehousing and automation technologies. We are ideally suited to assist the automotive sector with its supply chain goals. For more information about everything we have to offer, get in touch today.