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Industry leading expertise in warehouse design and optimization of order fulfillment technologies

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Numina is a Leader in Warehouse Automation

Numina Group is the recognized leader in warehouse automation, known for our industry leading expertise in warehouse design and optimization of order fulfillment technologies. Automating your warehouse means utilizing technology to handle many of the most repetitive and tedious tasks that were originally performed by workers. It can help reduce labor costs, eliminate mistakes and increase efficiency. Automated warehouse management has the potential to significantly improve your facility’s effectiveness.

Numina is set apart from traditional warehouse automation firms that sell canned solutions, we take the time to uncover costs and bottlenecks in your shipping and distribution processes. Numina Group’s warehouse automation technologies always deliver operational savings via reduced labor costs, increased accuracy, which leads to increased throughput and profit.

Numina offers the industry’s most capable combination of software and engineering expertise needed to design and optimize warehouses for optimum flow and integration of high-tech warehouse automation.  Our experienced team of software engineers and warehouse automation specialists define better processes for operational improvements, identify the automation technologies that reduce labor costs and increase throughput, while also improving capacity and space/storage utilization.

Numina’s Approach to Design Your Warehouse Automation System

Numina begins by performing a thorough analysis to define and understand your needs.  Our expert team will define the  right automation to match your process, and implement best technologies to maximize throughput and ROI.  We listen to your issues and get to know every aspect of your distribution and shipping processes.  Our data driven approach covers analyzation  of all data including:

  • Design studies and facility requirements
  • SKU velocity movements and slotting
  • Material requirements
  • Documentation of all touches
  • How to reduce errors
  • Recommended Process Improvements
  • How to best Optimize flow
  • Technology investment Summary and ROI payback analysis

Numina will streamline your order fulfillment process, increase your profitability, and show you exactly how you can increase productivity, saving you unnecessary steps and money.  Productivity improvements from our optimized design are guaranteed.  

Our real-time warehouse control and execution system, RDS™, drives advanced warehouse automation technologies. Customized high-tech warehouse automation equipment driven by our real-time warehouse control system is proven to reduce labor costs, increase accuracy and profit.  

Numina’s Proven Case Studies of Successful Warehouse Automation

Numina is recognized as one of the best warehouse automation companies, providing the most value for your investment with high performing warehouse execution and control. Our success is measured by the success of our clients who report:

    • Quick Return on Investment often within one year
    • Increase order fulfillment accuracy rates to 99.99%
    • Increase in order fulfillment profitability by 30% to 70%
    • Reduction in labor expenses from 30% to 70%

Numina is an experienced warehouse automation company, improving shipping operations and distribution centers in a wide range of industries including:  Medical, Pharmaceutical, Third Party Logistics, E-Commerce, Omni-Channel, B to B, B to C, Retail, Manufacturing and many more industries and markets.  RDS, our top tier warehouse control system and  warehouse execution system, is the most flexible and scalable warehouse automation solution on the market.

Let Numina show you why our warehouse control and execution system (WCS-WES) is the superior  choice.  Our engineers are ready to take your call and help you maximize profitability.  

Numina Group is experienced in defining, designing and implementing comprehensive warehouse solutions designed for maximum throughput and profitability.   Contact us today to see why Numina stands as one of the top warehouse automation companies in the industry.  

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