Automated Print and Apply of Packing Sheets and Shipping Labels

AMRs + Voice Deliver the Industry’s Fastest Pick Rate – Learn How at Modex in Booth B7445

See End-toEnd Warehouse Automation Solutions at Modex Booth B7445

One-Step Plus High Speed Print and Apply Pack Sheet System

Small Parcel and Polybag Sorter

Returning Cold Chain 3PL Customer Quadruples Output with End-to-End Automation Solution

Warehouse Automation Technology Modex Highlights

Numina Group Modex Booth Highlights – End of line pack and ship automation including scan weigh, vision audit, print fold insert document insertion, print and apply labeling, picking technologies including voice picking and pick to light.

Manual Pack and Ship is Costing You More than You Know

Meet Pakt™, the cost-saving turnkey automation solution for pack-and-ship operations, one of the most labor-intensive and costly areas of the warehouse. Numina’s Pakt solution offers a 5X increase in warehouse productivity and dramatically reduces labor costs by automating the final 100’ of a DC’s order fulfillment operation. Pakt streamlines labor by automating manual order packing… Continue reading Manual Pack and Ship is Costing You More than You Know

UFC Famed Bruce Buffer Introduces Pakt

The Pakt™ solution is purpose-built for warehouses that depend on people performing manual packing, manifesting, and shipping tasks.    Pakt is designed with scale in mind – it is modularly built with:   in-line conveyor weight and vision quality checking   automated insertion of pack slip documentation   carton scanning, weighing, & dimensioning   auto-manifesting   auto print and apply labeling  … Continue reading UFC Famed Bruce Buffer Introduces Pakt

ProMat 2023 Showcase

Numina Group’s Trifecta of RDS™, Victory Voice™, and Pakt™ is a Win for Order Fulfillment and Distribution Operations, Reducing Labor by up to 50% -See all Three Solutions at ProMat in Booth S3718.

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