Webinar: 3 Ways Unified WES & TMS Automation Cuts Costs

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Welcome to our latest webinar, “Three Ways Unified WES and TMS Automation Can Cut Costs,” featuring industry experts Shannon Vaillancourt from RateLinx and Dan Hanrahan from the Numina Group.

In this session, Shannon and Dan discuss how integrating Warehouse Execution Systems (WES) and Transportation Management Systems (TMS) can drive significant efficiencies and cost savings in warehouse operations.

Key Highlights:

RDS Warehouse Execution System: Learn about RDS, one of the fastest-growing warehouse software platforms, and how it optimizes warehouse processes by integrating automation technologies with ERP and WMS systems.
ShipLynx TMS: Discover ShipLynx, a top-rated TMS platform designed for quick and flexible deployment, enhancing transportation management.
Automation Components: Understand how automation components like pick-by-voice modules can lean out processes, enhance accuracy, and reduce labor costs.
Data-Driven Approach: See how flowcharting existing processes and understanding labor distribution help design effective automation solutions.
Synergy Between WES and TMS: Explore how integrating WES and TMS allows for efficient handling of freight, balancing cost and efficiency.
Join us as we delve into the benefits of unifying WES and TMS, ensuring seamless and efficient order fulfillment, enhancing customer satisfaction, and driving business growth.

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