Numina Group MODEX 2020 Booth Features

Jennifer Maloney
March 30, 2020

Numina Group’s Warehouse Technologies and Software Showcased at Modex 2020 – Booth #7006

Numina Group, a leading independent warehouse systems integrator, will demonstrate several of their key technologies including pick by voice, pick and pack to light and two exclusive print and apply labeling solutions integrated into the same highly automated pack line. 

Numina’s One-Step-Plus™ and X-Press PAL™ solutions streamline pack and ship by auto applying a combination packing sheet and shipping label to reduce 35 seconds of labor from every parcel shipment. Numina Group’s automation is managed by RDS™ a highly scalable Real-time Warehouse Execution and Control Software Platform, WES-WCS.

Technologies to be demonstrated at Booth # 7006 include:

  1. One-Step-Plus Print and Apply Labeling– Automates 8.5×11 packing sheet under a removable shipping label and manifesting
  2. X-Press PAL Print and Apply Labeling – Automates 4×6 packing slip under shipping label
  3. RDS™ Pick-by-Voice – Batch pick process
  4. Print, Fold, Insert Pack Automation – Auto-insert pack sheets into open cartons
  5. Put-to-Light Order Consolidation – Directs picking with light indicators 

RDS Pick by Voice technology is speaker-independent, requiring zero voice training combining voice commands/responses and hands-free Zebra RS5100 camera based barcode scanning.  

RDS Voice supports pick to carton batch carts, fork trucks, and conveyor picking. RDS also includes optimized order release and cartonization logic. RDS’s voice pick and pack validation technology provides a single-touch, highly accurate means for a new or temporary operator to be productive in minutes. 

RDS Voice works seamlessly on the Zebra TC52 or WT6000 Android mobile computers.

Auto Print Fold Insert (PFI) prints, folds, and automatically inserts from one to seven 8.5″ x 11″ packing sheets in to multiple height and carton sizes. PFI eliminates the bottleneck of manual order documentation with insertion of packing sheets, return labels, promotional materials, coupons, and other requirements as needed. 

PFI™ technology can scale from 10 to 50 or more CPM operations to reduce 30 or more seconds of labor from every shipment.

One Step Plus™ Print-and-apply labeling uses a Zebra ZE500 Print Engine to auto-apply a combination full 8.5” x 11” packing sheet and shipping label to full case or re-packed mixed SKU cartons to reduce 30-45 seconds of labor per parcel shipment.  

The system is ideally suited for high volume E-com and B2B order fulfillment applications that require a full 8.5” x 11” packing sheet such as Medical device manufacturers, hospital suppliers, and retailers providing e-commerce order fulfillment services for Amazon, Walmart, Target, Wayfair, QVC, and others.

X-Press PAL™ Print and Apply Labeling auto applies one or more 4” x 6” pack slips under a removable 6” x 8” shipping label. X-Press Pal pack and ship automation includes inline scan, weigh, dimension with automatic application of packing slips and shipping labels. X-Press Pal provides a flexible, scalable solution to automate packing slips, compliance, carton content and shipping labels. 

Put-to-Light Order Consolidation Put wall order consolidation technology essentially sorts by lights and allows parallel batch order picking across multiple pick zones. At the order consolidation area, operators scan and put the batch picked SKUs to order consolidation shelf positions at a rate of 400 to 500 items per hour. 

Put-to-light is a highly efficient and cost effective way to batch pick hundreds of orders throughout the DC, gaining 30% to 50% higher productivity than discrete order picking.

Combining the RDS Pick-by-Voice and a Put-to-Light Order Consolidation Wall (Put Wall System) allows a zone-based batch cart picking strategy that increases picking density and reduces the pickers walk time by concentrating their work within an assigned zone. 

The process directs the operators in each zone to batch pick all required items. Orders that require items from multiple zones are picked and put into an order consolidation tote. At the same time, orders that have all the required items within the zone are picked and packed directly to a shipping carton. 

Numina Group’s Real time Distribution System (RDS) is the industry’s most complete and scalable Warehouse Execution and Control System (WES-WCS). 

RDS is a modular, high-performance warehouse software platform that controls and manages a wide array of automation technologies to streamline the entire pick, pack, and ship order fulfillment operation. RDS interfaces to virtually every ERP/WMS.

RDS Order Fulfillment Automation Modules Include:

  • Interfaces to and bolts-on automation to virtually every leading ERP-WMS systems
  • Cartonization, order release, and work balancing across zones
  • Pick by voice – batch cart, fork truck, and conveyor picking
  • Pick-to-light picking & put-to-light order consolidation
  • Labor tracking and reporting across all operations
  • In-line scan, weigh, dimensioning (SWD), and order vision audit
  • Conveyor control and high-speed Sortation
  • Pack sheet print and insertion automation
  • Print-and-apply labeling tunnels for multi-sided application of pack slips, pack sheets, shipping labels, compliance, ASN, UCC, Hazmat Labels at 15-60 CMP per line

Warehouse Design Process Improvement Services:

  • Facility selection & sizing
  • Value stream mapping
  • Process improvement & technology evaluation services
  • SKU slotting and profiling
  • Material handling system design
  • Conveyor, ASRS, robotics and high-speed returns and order fulfillment sorting
  • Turnkey system distribution center design and implementation

About the Numina Group – Numina Group bring 30+ years of expertise in software, warehouse design and implementation of automated warehouse and distribution practices. We provide a full range of services from define, design and implementation.  For further information contact:

Jen Maloney Numina Group Marketing Director  (630) 343-2622

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