Scan-Weigh-Dimension (SWD) System

Scan-Weigh-Dimension (SWD) System

A scan-weigh-dimension (SWD) system is a warehouse automation solution comprising scanners, weighing scales, and measurement devices used to capture data about packages or shipments automatically. SWD systems increase productivity and reduce labor costs by eliminating manual processes.

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Scan-weigh-dimension systems are often installed as an inline pack-and-ship solution component to automatically capture product, package, or shipping carton characteristics as an order moves from packing, print-and-apply labeling, manifesting, and sortation.

The SWD system includes specialized equipment that automatically measures the actual carton size and weight, calculates the dimensional weight, and transmits the data to the WMS and shipping systems for quality control, shipping cost calculations, and other tasks.

Advanced SWD systems, such as Numina’s RDS™ SWD solution, offer flexible configuration options to cover multiple picking and shipping scenarios, including full-case pick validation and pick-to-carton validation. RDS also provides cartonization software for pick-to-carton and the SWD carton cube/weight measurement that combines real-time control and conveyor sorting decisions.

Benefits of a Scan-Weigh-Dimension System

SWD systems offer multiple benefits that reduce labor, control costs, ensure accurate shipping charges and enhance customer satisfaction.

  • No-Touch Processing. The SWD eliminates the need for employees to capture measurements and avoids the risk of calculation errors. It automatically captures SKU weight and sizes, compares them to the projected weights and dimensions for an order, and alerts the inspector of SKU cube and weight data changes.
  • Accurate Shipping Charges. Shipping charge surprises are automatically avoided since shipping charges can be calculated on the actual dimensions and shipping charges rather than estimated dimensions and weight.
  • Lowest-Cost Shipping Charges. Ensure the “best way” shipping method is selected for the order, with accurate parcel and LTL shipping charges calculated pre-shipment to avoid expensive chargebacks or lost revenue.
  • Order Quality Control. The SWD performs automatic, real-time audit checks of outbound carton/case shipments to verify that actual weights and dimensions match the expected weights and dimensions. Discrepancies are routing for further QC and correction before the shipment is released for carrier pickup.

Scan weigh dimensioning systems are often used in warehouses, distribution centers, and other logistics and supply chain operations to improve efficiency and accuracy in the handling and shipping of packages and shipments.

They can help to reduce errors and discrepancies in the calculation of shipping costs and improve the accuracy and speed of order fulfillment. Inline dimensioning, weighing, and scanning systems can also be leveraged to optimize a warehouse operation’s storage and cube utilization, and the sizing of future facilities.

Additional Benefits through Warehouse System Integration

Advanced solutions such as Numina Group’s RDS™ SWD solution can also be leveraged to optimize a warehouse operation’s storage and cube utilization, the sizing of future facilities. Numina offers complementary warehouse automation software and material handling equipment solutions to optimize your entire fulfillment operation.

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