Print and Apply System

Print-and-Apply System

Print-and-apply labeling systems are used in distribution operations to improve efficiency and reduce labor costs. Automated print-and-apply systems eliminate the need for employees to manually print labels or markings and hand-apply them to shipping cartons or other containers.

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They are commonly implemented in order fulfillment operations as an efficient method to add identifying marks to products, cartons, and shipment packaging for storage, transportation, or distribution.

Benefits of a Print-and-Apply Labeler

Print-and-apply technology ensures accurate labeling, prevents bottlenecks, increases efficiency, and reduces labor throughout the distribution center by eliminating manual labeling processes and automating documentation requirements.

Even greater efficiency can be achieved by integrating other warehouse technologies such as optical character recognition (OCR), camera vision technologies, in-motion barcode scanners, in-motion scales, dimensioners, and label applicators to generate and apply labels in a touchless operation and verify that the right labels and documents are correctly applied.

Basic Print-and-Apply System Components

Print and apply labeling equipment typically consist of a label printer, a label applicator, and a control system that synchronizes the operations of the printer and applicator to ensure labels are applied accurately and consistently.

The label printer imprints information such as product and shipping information onto a roll of label stock. A label applicator auto-applies the label to the surface of the product or package without requiring human intervention.

Several print-and-apply systems are available, including standalone, integrated, and portable models. Standalone systems are designed for independent operation, while integrated systems are implemented with other packaging or production equipment. Portable systems are also available for easy transport and use in different locations.

Advanced Print-and-Apply Systems

Advanced print-and-apply solutions such as Numina Group’s RDS™ Print and Apply system are available for high-volume warehouse operations processing thousands of cartons per hour. The RDS solution uses the industry’s fastest, all-electric, automated label applicators to print and apply the most comprehensive array of label sizes and types. RDS operates quickly and accurately, processing re-packed cartons and full-case shipments with correct auto-labeling requirements.

Print-and-apply systems are an essential part of the packaging and shipping process, helping to improve efficiency and reduce labor costs in these operations. They are widely used in various industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and consumer products.

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Numina’s automatic warehouse labeling systems provide rapid ROI, typically in less than one year, by drastically reducing labor costs and chargebacks.

The systems are managed by RDS™ WES-WCS, our real-time warehouse execution and control software, which drives the highest achievable performance in demanding auto labeling and material handling control applications.

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