Manifesting System

Manifesting System

Manifesting systems are a group of warehouse automation technologies used to track and record the movement of packages, shipments, and other items in a distribution center, warehouse, or other logistics operation. Manifest systems automate shipment processing tasks to reduce labor, lower shipping costs, and speed up shipment processing. They are typically used to generate and print shipping labels, create packing lists, and track the status and location of shipments from the point of order processing to carrier picking and delivery.

Warehouse manifesting systems typically consist of a computer or server, a printer, and one or more input devices, such as barcode scanners, mobile computers, or keyboards. The system stores information such as carrier rates, service options, accessorial services, times-in-transit, tracking data, and shipment data such as the origin, destination, weight, dimensions, and contents of the package. This data is used to calculate shipping charges and generate carrier-compliant shipping documents and labels required for transport and delivery.

Manifesting systems may be carrier-specific or multi-carrier in configuration, and many options are available from software vendors and carriers such as USPS, UPS, FedEx, and regional carriers. They are typically integrated with a company’s other back-office systems, such as warehouse automation systems and transportation management systems (TMS), to automatically transfer data between systems for automatic processing and tracking capabilities.

In an automated warehouse operation, manifesting systems are integrated with other technologies such as print-fold-insert (PFI) systems, scan-weigh-dimension (SWD) systems, and print-and-apply labeling solutions to eliminate touches in the process. They are widely used in e-commerce, retail, and other industries to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer service.

The Numina Group, as an independent warehouse systems integrator with more than 35 years of experience, has integrated its RDS™ WES-WCS warehouse execution and control system with a wide range of manifesting systems.

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