High Speed Sortation System

High Speed Sortation System

High-speed sortation systems are a group of warehouse sortation technologies designed to automate and accelerate the sorting and routing of products to specific locations in warehouse operations. Sortation systems increase sorting efficiency and accuracy while minimizing labor for picking, packing, order consolidation, and shipping.

Order fulfillment operations with a high volume of mixed SKU orders can benefit significantly from implementing automated sortation systems. Sortation is used throughout the order fulfillment cycle to move products and materials to and from storage locations, from storage to picking operations, packing stations, and shipment staging for carrier pickup.

Automated sortation systems make it possible to move large quantities of material and products through the warehouse while reducing labor requirements. Today’s automated sortation systems can handle a range of scenarios, including routing cases, units, totes, or palletized loads.

Many different sortation systems are available to automate sortation in a warehouse, including automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), belt sortation systems, automated conveyor systems, and automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

These systems can be configured to sort items based on various criteria, such as destination, product type, or size, and work with automatic ID programs and controls to route them to the appropriate location or storage area.

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The Numina Group can help you design and select the right sorting technology, from cost-effective voice-directed and pick/put to light sorting to fully automated unit sorters operating at over 250,000 SKUs per day.

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We can meet your application and performance requirements with an automated order fulfillment system that fits your needs.

As an independent warehouse system integrator with more than 35 years of experience, Numina Group offers unbiased advice on hardware selection and provides a design guaranteed to achieve your specific goals and requirements.

The Numina Group can help companies assess current benchmark warehouse operational productivity; identify areas and processes needing improvement; evaluate warehouse technologies and material handling equipment options; and design and implement turnkey warehouse automation solutions that reduce labor costs while increasing operational efficiency and productivity.

As an independent systems integrator with over 35 years and 1,000 implementations, the Numina Group provides unbiased expertise on selecting and implementing all the leading material handling equipment solutions.

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