Parallel Picking Processes

Parallel picking includes identifying optimal processing paths (balancing cycle time vs. throughput) in a warehouse for different item velocities and product profiles using order release software to orchestrate picking, sorting, consolidation, packing and shipping tasks seamlessly across multiple forms of automation. For example, if an order requires mittens and a snowboard, one picker would get the snowboard, and another would get the mittens. In this example, mittens are a small, high velocity order, so they may be stored in a pick module with zone routed conveyor. Snowboards are large bulky slow movers, so they’re stored on the rack. RDS order release module would direct the zone route conveyor picking for the mittens and direct an operator to full case batch pick the snowboard along with several other slow movers in similar zones using the most efficient pick path. The selected products would then be consolidated at a pick to light order consolidation station to fill the order. Three different picking processes are used to pick and pack one order, but using this approach speeds up the order selection process allowing for same day fulfillment.

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