Pick to Light

Pick to Light

Pick to light is a method of order fulfillment in which a light system guides workers through order-picking tasks. Pick-to-light systems improve efficiency and increase productivity and order accuracy by automating manual tasks and providing clear and concise instructions to workers in order picking, putting, sorting, and kitting activities.

These systems benefit warehouse operations most with high-density fast-mover product-picking applications that require 300-500 lines per man-hour pick rates.

How Pick-to-Light Systems Work

Pick-to-Light systems seamlessly direct workers’ picking activities via intelligent indicator displays mounted on shelving or rack storage systems, where items are typically stored in a particular location and assigned a unique identifier via barcode or RFID tag.

When an order is received, the pick-to-light system illuminates a light on designated storage locations to signal workers which items and quantities should be picked. The worker picks the items and confirms the product ID and quantity picked using a handheld scanner or mobile computer to update the order status in the warehouse execution system.

Pick-to-Light + Mobile Hands-Free Scanning

Advanced pick-to-light systems such as Numina’s RDS™ Pick-to-Light solution will maximize accuracy and time savings when combined with hands-free barcode scanning to enable workers to quickly and easily validate items as they are picked.

The combination of RDS Pick-to-Light and barcode scanning can also eliminate most secondary checking, resulting in higher order fulfillment pick, pack, and ship productivity.

Pick-to-light systems can be used with other warehouse automation technologies, such as automated storage and retrieval systems, automated conveyor systems, scan-weigh-dim systems, and print-and-apply labeling solutions to streamline and optimize the order fulfillment process.

Selecting the Right Pick to Light Solution

If you’re interested in exploring pick to light options and other warehouse automation solutions, the Numina Group can help. As a leading warehouse automation design consultant, software developer and independent systems integrator, Numina Group has over 35 years of experience defining, designing, and implementing highly profitable automated warehouse systems.

Our automated warehouse solutions enable companies to increase productivity by 50% or more, reduce labor costs by 30% to 70%, and increase order accuracy to 99.9%.

We offer consultative warehouse design services to identify the right lean processes for your operations. We help you turn your design into reality by combining the power of RDS™ WCS-WES, our real-time warehouse control and execution software with cutting-edge material handling technologies.

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