Warehouse Integration Specialist

Jennifer Maloney
June 11, 2019

Reasons Customers choose Numina Group as their Warehouse Integration Specialist

Numina Group has just celebrated its 33rd birthday as a warehouse integration specialist. We’ve come a long way from our beginnings.  Dan Hanrahan and Mark Woodworth are the founders and were the first two employees. Mark’s original office was located in a converted garage; yes, it did have heat and a marginally functioning air conditioner to manage the Chicago area dog days of summer!

We are proud to have grown from our inception to a team of over 40. Our design and software engineers provide define and design services to optimize order fulfillment processes. We deliver solutions based on the right warehouse automation technologies and software that will improve operations, lower labor requirements, and provide an outstanding return on investment.

If you are looking for a warehouse automation integration specialist, you are probably asking how potential customers differentiate the strengths of all of the options. What is the criteria used to choose a partner?  There are many factors to consider based on the application requirements and complexity. Automating a new Omni-channel DC versus upgrading an existing paper based or RF picking operation to a voice picking operation, are very different in design and vary greatly in complexity.

Numina Group is one of the few distribution automation vendors with the in-house expertise and technologies to handle either of these tasks due to the modular nature of our software platform.  We use a proven process improvement approach to analyze order data and select processes that will streamline pick, pack, and ship functionality while providing ROI in typically under 10 months

Reasons why customers continue to choose the Numina Group as their warehouse automation partner:

Warehouse Integration Experience

Numina Group is now in its 34th year of warehouse control software development expertise. Our Real-time Distribution Software, RDS is one of the industry’s most modular, scalable and modern Warehouse Execution and Control Systems, WES-WCS. RDS is continuously updated with new features and functionality.  The latest version is packed full of pre-developed warehouse automation modules.

Numina Group’s experienced engineers provide deep insight into warehouse operations by uncovering and defining better processes, operational improvements, and identifying technologies that reduce labor costs and improve storage and space utilization. We have in-depth knowledge in equipment and technology selection, installation, and on-going support.

In House Define, Design & Implementation Services

Our in-house Define, Design, and Implementation expertise sets us apart from traditional consulting firms.  We work as your partner to rapidly focus our efforts on identifying the means to improve your operation. Our staff includes industrial, software, controls, electrical, and mechanical engineers, along with a project management team with the expertise to implement the defined solution. Numina Group is your single source partner from start to finish, which allows for greater responsiveness to your needs and enhances the success of your project.

Process Improvements

Our approach begins by performing a site assessment to analyze product movement and identify any possible wasted touches associated with the current order fulfillment processes.  We evaluate order profiles and analyze peak, average, and off season shipping needs/rules to identify current constraints to order fulfillment. Armed with the right data, we work closely with your team to explore automation options, make better storage recommendations, and define the process improvements that yield the highest ROI.

Software is Key

Our Flagship Software, RDS, Real-time Distribution Software WES-WCS Unifies Pick, Pack, and Ship Automation. Our software engineering team can provide customer specific functions to tailor the solution to your business specific requirements.  RDS scalability “future proofs” the initial automation investment. A project can be a phased implementation such as picking or packing automation improvements to resolve the most critical operational deficiency. In the future, additional automation technologies can be added as the business requirements grow to justify the additional investments.

Numina Group’s Software staff includes several PhD’s leading the R&D design and project software implementation with over a thousand installations throughout North America.  Every Implementation designed by Numina Group’s software staff features RDS.

RDS™ Warehouse Execution and Control Software features voice picking and pick to light as native modules within the software platform. The RDS voice module is extremely powerful and includes Cartonization and both Continuous and Batch Order Release. The voice directed order fulfillment automation software suite includes a labor tracking and reporting module.

The voice picking module seamlessly integrates with conveyors, sorting, ASRS and Mini-load controls in a true real-time execution environment. Additional modules provide a full family of pack and ship automation, including in-line scan-weigh-dimensioning and Print and Apply labeling to automate shipping, manifesting, and application of customer compliance labels.


Numina Group’s Pick, Pack, and Ship automation and software have a proven track record and are designed to operate in a continuous multi-shift operation.   We have customers who have operated distribution centers controlled and managed by RDS software for over 30 years. We never abandon a customer and provide a software upgrade path for every installation.

Customer Service

On-going support is critical to a customer’s achieving their success. At Numina Group we offer 24 hours, 7 days a week software and system support.  If you need system support our 1-800 line operators are trained to connect you with a knowledgeable software and system support engineer to resolve the issue.

Results – Customer Satisfaction

We provide clients a detailed functional specification with an agreed upon acceptance testing document for every system we provide. Our system will meet or exceed the performance specification, such as: 

  • Improved accuracy of order fulfillment to 99.98%
  • Reduction in manual labor ranging from 30 -70%
  • Increase in profitability by 30% or more

By following our systematic approach we achieve the customer’s goals and generate the projected return on investment.

Numina Group’s Reputation

Numina Group has a rock solid reputation as an automation and warehouse systems integrator.  We partner with clients in an open and transparent manner when defining process improvements and selecting technologies best suited for the client’s system. Our goal is to deliver a solution that provides an outstanding return on investment.

Our flag-ship software RDS, Real-time Distribution Software, WES-WCS includes a full suite of software modules to control, manage and unify Order Fulfillment Pick, Pack, and Ship automation.

RDS’s full family of automation modules seamlessly integrate to virtually every ERP/WMS system. It’s a full family of automation software modules including order release wave management, cartonization, voice picking or pick to light picking, order routing and tracking, conveyor control, weight & vision audit, print and apply labeling and sorting with guaranteed performance. 

RDS is true real-time control, with an intuitive and easy to use modern Web based user interface, diagnostics for productivity viewing and reporting. RDS™ is the automation platform of choice for automating E-commerce and Omni-channel warehouse operations.

We welcome the opportunity to explore how we can improve your distribution operations.  Contact us to discuss your challenges.

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