Optimized Warehouse Design | From Planning to Live Operations

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Watch this video to see how an optimized warehouse automation design plan by the Numina Group converts to a real-life operation that increases warehouse productivity and profitability.

The Numina Group is an industry-leading warehouse automation systems integrator with a rock-solid track record, earned over three decades of consistently delivering systems that exceed performance specifications.

We follow a proven approach to ensure successful warehouse automation results for your company. Our team works closely with you to:

  • Conduct a warehouse engineering study to evaluate existing operations and identify areas for improvement.
  • Create a modern warehouse design plan based on process improvements combined with software and material handling technologies.
  • Automate the process with our Real-time Distribution Software RDS™, high-performance warehouse execution and control software platform.
  • Provide implementation and integration services for successful, on-time delivery of your project.
  • Provide ongoing support to ensure system performance.
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