On Demand Webinar – Beyond Picking Rates: Total Warehouse Optimization with Goods-to-Person Solution

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Beyond Picking Rates: Total Warehouse Optimization with Goods-to-Person Solutions

Order spikes, quick economic changes, and rising wages in a tight labor pool are accelerating the need for companies to invest in warehouse technologies that have the flexibility to adapt. Goods-to-Person solutions automate the storage, picking, moving, and sorting of goods and are proven to reduce dependency on manual labor in the picking process.

However, when considering new warehouse automation, it’s important to think beyond associate picking rates and take a holistic approach that will improve distribution center shipping rates. The popularity of new Goods-to-Person (GTP) solutions reinforce the importance of designing a unified warehouse solution. Without a unified pick, pack, and ship operation, a single solution operating alone can risk isolating the functions of your fulfillment center, turning them into disconnected islands of automation.

In this webinar, you will learn how Numina Group’s Real-time Distribution System (RDS) Warehouse Execution and Control Software and Geek+ create superior Goods-to-Person systems that incorporate parallel picking processes with pack-and-ship automation that yield the highest ROI.

Key takeaways include:

Design-first approach – collecting data upfront to determine if GTP is right for your operation
Scalable GTP automation – latest advancements in mobile robotics and GTP for storing, picking, moving, and sorting
Unified warehouse solution – implementing an automated pick, pack, and ship order fulfillment operation that reduces labor reliance and provides the highest ROI

Cody Upp
VP of Sales and Marketing
Numina Group
Cody Upp is a supply chain automation executive who has shaped his career around mission-critical logistics technology. He specializes in leading mid-stage, high growth commercial organizations that operate in the intralogistics space. Today, he is leading the commercial organization at The Numina Group, an independent warehouse automation integrator.

Randy Randolph
VP, Channels & Partnerships at Geekplus America
Randy is VP, Channels & Partnerships at Geekplus America. He has 30+ years of combined industry experience in Logistics Software and Automation and has held various business development and solution engineering leadership roles for some of the largest material handling companies in North America. He has a BS in Economics from Willamette University.

Host: David Maloney
Group Editorial Director
DC Velocity and CSCMP’s Supply Chain Quarterly
David Maloney is the editorial director of DC Velocity and Supply Chain Quarterly. He has been a journalist for more than 30 years and has been with DC Velocity since April of 2004. Prior to joining DCV, David was senior editor for Modern Materials Handling, where he reported on distribution and supply chain operations.

David also has extensive experience as a broadcast journalist. Before writing for supply chain publications, he was a journalist, television producer and director in Pittsburgh. David combines a background of reporting on logistics with his video production experience to bring new opportunities to DC Velocity readers, including Web-based videos highlighting top distribution and logistics facilities, Webcasts and other cross-media projects. David continues to live and work in the Pittsburgh area.

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