Increase Order Fulfillment Productivity with Batch Picking

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Increase Order Fulfillment Productivity by 2X with RDS Order Release Software

Watch this video to learn how Green Rabbit, an e-commerce cold-chain fulfillment company, doubled order fulfillment productivity – without adding staff – by automating its order release process using RDS Order Release Optimization software, a component of Numina Group’s RDS Warehouse Execution and Control System.

Green Rabbit’s Director of Operations walks you through how the company improved order picking efficiency by adopting a batch picking process that enables workers to pick more orders, faster, following the most efficient pick paths determined by RDS warehouse software.

RDS Order Release goes far beyond traditional wave, batch, or continuous order release methods. RDS Order Release uses intelligence automation (IA) software to optimize order fulfillment productivity.

RDS includes algorithms to select orders based on several variables to more efficiently balance work modeled on historic picking performance and real-time metrics of the DC’s zones picking performance.

RDS takes into account picking tasks and travel in each zone to synchronize the batch wave picking completion time across the DC.

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