Success Story – 200% Productivity Boost

A Systems Integration Project

Numina Group’s Automated Fulfillment Solution Optimized the Entire Order Fulfillment Operation by Reducing Labor, Increasing Throughput, and Managing the Critical Same Day Priority Shipments.

Challenge: Due to significant growth, Merit Medical, a major medical and surgical supply manufacturer headquartered near Salt Lake City, Utah moved into a new distribution center in Virginia, doubling the size of their previous East Coast location. Continuous growth was limiting Merit’s ability to get orders out on time. They were forced to add overtime hours and temporary employees but still could not meet demand.

Solution:   Numina Group helped Merit Medical replace its single order pick to paper process with advanced technology. This process included integrating Numina Group’s RDS Real-time Distribution Software to manage and enforce better pick, pack, and ship processes.  This project was implemented with minimal downtime or interference to Merit’s normal operations.

Results: The results were better processes and technologies that optimized the entire order fulfillment operation by reducing labor, increasing throughput, and successfully managing the critical same day priority shipments.   Picking Accuracy rose to 99.99%.

Integrating automated pick, pack, and ship processes yielded substantial savings and quickly justified the investment. Merit medicals investment in Numina Group’s voice directed pick, pack, and ship automation throughout the entire fulfillment operation resulted in a rapid ROI.

Steps to Increase Picking Productivity:

Lower Labor costs with Pack and Ship Automation:


Numina group’s system integration project helped Merit Medical:

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