Increase Productivity by 50% with the RDS Mobility Voice Picking System

Looking for proven solutions to improve picking operations and increase throughput without adding headcount? You can achieve your goals and gain a rapid ROI by adding RDS Mobility, Numina Group’s voice picking system, to your warehouse operations.
RDS Mobility is a sophisticated, yet intuitive warehouse automation module that combines the convenience of voice-directed instruction through wireless headsets with hands-free barcode scanners for fast, paperless order picking and validation of completed tasks.

How RDS Mobility Works

RDS Mobility is a real-time, voice-directed warehousing solution that “talks” to warehouse operators via voice commands through a lightweight headset for efficient pick operations. It accelerates the pick process by eliminating paper and manual tasks.

for example:

Faster, More Accurate Order Picking

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Eliminate Picking

Voice-enforced pick and pack processes, combined with barcode scan validation achieve single touch 99.9% accuracy rates.
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Streamline Picking Workflows

Easy to understand voice commands direct operators to the shortest pick path, reducing walk or lift-truck travel time, enabling your existing workforce to do more in less time
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Take Control of
High Labor Costs

Increase productivity 30% to 50% and simplify training so new or temporary pickers can achieve productivity standards in 20 minutes or less.
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Increase Overall Picking Efficiency

With the RDS Voice cartonization module, orders are picked directly into the right size carton, eliminating the repacking and validation workstation.

Streamline Order Picking and More

RDS Voice™ is more than just voice picking. It can scale to a complete order-fulfillment automation suite, and yield process improvements across the entire distribution center.
For example, RDS Mobility voice technology works to improve:
Picking automation – batch, discrete cart picking and pick to conveyor
Voice + hands-free 2D barcode scanning for SKU, aerial and lot code capture
Continuous or batch wave release order
Cartonization logic to pick, pack, and verify directly to right-sized shipping cartons
Warehouse receiving, replenishment, and
Kitting for assembly and manufacturing
Smart Pick Cart™ batch picking with walk path optimization
Conveyor zone routing for pick to
carton/tote applications
Pack area automation with automated in-line carton pack-sheet print, insert, void, and seal
Workforce productivity tracking and productivity reporting

Why Choose RDS Mobility™?

RDS Mobility is the superior voice picking system in the warehouse, containing a full set of pre-developed automation modules that can combine additional technologies with pick-by-voice, including pick and put to light, automated conveyor systems with intelligent zone routing, high speed sortation, automated packing with in-line scan-weigh, vision capture, and dimensional order inspection.
RDS Mobility offers several enhanced capabilities over standard voice-directed technology in several ways:

Train employees in minutes.

RDS Mobility uses the world’s leading speaker independent voice engine that requires zero operator voice training

Industrial equipment/hardware -

operates even in the noisiest industrial environments.

Built-in Labor Management Reporting.

Real-time labor tracking and productivity reporting are included in RDS Mobility.

Software and leading-edge hardware,

optimized for order management. RDS Mobility is enhanced with sophisticated order planning optimization software that yields better, faster, more intelligent picking strategies.

Designed for customer-specific configurability.

We’ve designed RDS Mobility around a flexible business rule engine that can be modified for your specific picking operations.

Multi-modal for increased ergonomics and efficiency.

We combine the power of voice, mobile computers and barcode scanning for hands-free, eyes forward picking.

Hardware independent.

RDS Mobility is hardware neutral and works very well on many different manufacturers’ equipment.


RDS Mobility scales from 5 to 100s of users with fast sub-second response time that combines voice commands with Bluetooth wireless headsets and hands-free 2D barcode scanning.

Integration Ready.

RDS™ also includes a complete interface toolset to integrate RDS Mobility with your existing WMS or ERP systems including SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, JDE, IBM I-Series, Highjump, Manhattan, Accellos, Great Plains, JDA, and others.
Our voice picking software is fully configurable and can be tailored to your specific needs, providing a market-leading solution that yields much higher efficiency than other standard, non-configurable systems.
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