Numina Group Partners With Result Packaging to Provide Distribution Automation to Australia

Jennifer Maloney
April 29, 2013

The Numina Group, announces a partnering agreement with Australia based Result Packaging’s Process Automation Division to supply the latest technologies for automating Pick, Pack, and Ship Order Fulfillment to the Australian-New Zealand Markets.

WOODRIDGE, IL – Result Packaging’s Process Automation Division will be Numina Group’s sales and technical support partner for implementing distribution automation in Australia. “Numina Group has seen an increased interest from Australian companies for technologies that deliver increased throughput and labor savings,” stated Dan Hanrahan, President of Numina. “It’s critical to have a highly reputable and technically competent local partner to support our family of distribution automation technologies. Our partnership with Result Process Automation provides Australia based distribution and warehouse operations cost effective solutions to achieve higher profitability and a fast ROI”

Numina Group and Result share a similar philosophy on achieving the highest ROI on automation called lean process improvements – automation enhanced. First, they lower the number of steps and touches required to complete order picking by optimizing the flow throughout the pick, pack, and ship processes. Then they select the right automation to further increase productivity and accuracy. The end result is a streamlined pick, pack, and ship process that becomes one lean, highly productive operation, with a focus on lowering labor and material handling equipment requirements.

Result Process Automation will be supporting Numina Group’s Pick Execution™ modular voice and/or pick to order picking, the industry’s leading speaker independent multimodal voice picking. Pickers are trained and productive in as little as 2-3 hours, further accelerating ROI. Voice picking with hands free scanning allows single touch order verification that provides increased productivity and accuracy to 99.9%.

Included with Pick Execution™ is Smart Pick Cart™, a cart based picking solution that utilizes batch picking with walk path optimization. The pick process is either voice directed or uses a combination of voice picking and pick /put to light. The system supports batch picking of 12 or more orders to increase order picking productivity by 30 to 50% or more over RF terminal based picking processes. Smart Pick Cart™ is a proven technology for increasing throughput and accuracy in order fulfillment operations.

Numina Group’s X-Press PAL™ in-line pack and ship technology completes the order fulfillment process.  It is a modular end of-line product that scans, weighs, dimensions, auto prints and applies the packing slips and shipping labels for Internet, B2B and B2C distribution centers. Numerous options are available such as carton sealers, void fill stations, printers, and document inserters to further automate the entire Pack and Ship Operations.

To launch the sales initiative Result Packaging will provide customers a free one day site evaluation for the next six months to assess the labor savings and operational improvements in their order fulfillment operations by deploying our lean process improvements – automation enhanced technologies.

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