Cody Upp joins Numina Group as VP of Strategy to Spearhead Robotic, AMR, and Pack Automation Solutions

Jen Maloney
November 11, 2022

Cody Upp’s expertise accelerates Numina Group’s ability to advance warehouse automation strategy in picking, moving, and sorting of goods and order fulfillment robotic solutions that reduce labor and increase order throughput in new and existing DC operations.

Numina Group, an independent systems integrator providing warehouse automation and order fulfillment solutions, is pleased to announce the addition of Cody Upp to their management team. Cody has a strong background in both software and in warehouse robotics, most recently as one of 6 River Systems’ first go-to-markets hires, designing and supplying robotic order picking solutions.

Numina Group has experienced rapid growth in AMR and Robotic Goods to Person (G2P) solutions in order picking, product movement, and sorting for order fulfillment solutions. Cody’s experience brings immediate value to customers, allowing him to focus on next-generation robotics technologies that reduce labor and increase order throughput.

The number of vendors in the warehouse automation ecosystem has ballooned in recent years, especially in the autonomous mobile robot (AMR) space, as providers respond to the need to reduce operators’ repetitive manual work tasks and wasted walk time. Numina Group’s extensive automation design expertise and proven warehouse automation software platform integrates multiple technologies, such as ASRS, AMRs and Goods to Person (G2P) with traditional technologies such as pick by voice, pick to light, conveyor systems and pack and ship automation into a unified warehouse automation solution.

“Numina Group has been at the forefront of automation technologies for over 35 years. We develop real-time, software-driven solutions that increase customer profitability and reduce errors”, states Dan Hanrahan, Founder, and CEO of Numina Group.

“Cody Upp is a great addition to our team, bringing expertise in AMR solutions and the Robot as a Service (RaaS) business model to our current family of warehouse automation, unifying order picking AMRs with Numina’s final 100’ of a DC’s pack and ship requirements by automating quality control, documentation, labeling, manifesting and sorting”, added Hanrahan.

“I am very excited to join an established automation integration firm with a great reputation for innovation and look forward to drawing on my experience to further accelerate the use of robotics as a component within the overall solution. Defining and implementing systems that reduce our customer’s costs to fulfill an order and lower their risk of missing their customer’s delivery windows are benefits derived by deploying the right mix of AMRs with other warehouse automation technologies. My focus is to continue to productize and scale our automation solutions in order to provide immediate and lasting value in each client engagement,” stated Cody Upp.

About Numina Group 

For over 35 years, Numina Group has been an industry-leading independent systems integrator, with a strong in-house warehouse execution and control software development team focused on improving warehouse order fulfillment operation efficiency.

We work in partnership with clients to evaluate and define process improvements and the right blend of warehouse automation material handling technology to deliver a rapid ROI.

Numina Group designs and implements optimized warehouse processes managed by RDS™ WES-WCS warehouse execution and control software platform. Numina’s Real-time Distribution Software (RDS™) Warehouse Execution and Control Software, is a full suite of predeveloped modules, including order release optimization for managing the latest generation autonomous mobile robot-driven goods-to-person systems (G2P), voice and pick-to-light systems, automated pack and ship conveyor systems, cartonization, conveyor system control, weight and vision audit, print and apply labeling, and high-speed sortation.

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