Modex 2024 is here! Power up your fulfillment operations with Numina Group.

Discover a new era of warehouse efficiency and innovation with Numina Group at Modex 2024, Booth B7445. Numina has been a partner in the success stories of countless businesses, and now, we’re excited to extend this invitation to you

Picture a partnership where your growth is our priority, backed by warehouse automation systems that not only meet, but exceed expectations. 

As your business expands, we’re here to lead and design projects that seamlessly align with your evolving distribution needs. 

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Integrated Warehouse Automation Solutions

Integrated Warehouse Automation Solutions

Numina Group
1. Goods to Person (G2P)

Robotic automation solution for put away, storage retrieval and order picking. RDS batch picks from goods to person automation across multiple orders delivering higher productivity than goods to person alone.

Learn more about Goods to Person
2. Pick to Light

RDS pick to light order consolidation seamlessly directs workers picking activities to automate the sorting of SKUs to individual orders.

Learn More about Pick to Light
3. Voice Directed Batch Picking

Comprehensive integrated voice solution that includes optimized order release and cartonization logic. It is a proven process for increasing efficiency and accuracy of pickers in a distribution center.

Learn More about Voice Directed Batch Picking
4. Batchbot - Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)

Combines RDS Voice Picking and AMR batch pick carts, uniting people and robots to lower labor costs and double order fulfillment productivity. Batchbot's bigger carts increase picking density, the key to driving higher picking productivity. One cart can hold up to 30 orders and has a 2000 lb. weight capacity.

Learn More about Batchbot
5. Voice Directed High Speed Pick Module

Optimized order fulfillment solution designed for dense product storage can be combined with RDS Voice picking to automate order picking, replenishment and put away.

Learn More about Pick Modules
6. Scan, Weigh, Vision Audit

Automatically measures, weighs, and calculates dimensional weight of cartons, eliminating manual tasks. An optional camera can capture high resolution images of carton contents for enhanced traceability and customer service.

Learn More about Scan Weigh Vision Audit
7. PFI Document Print & Insertion

Automatically insert packing slips, product specific instructions, marketing materials, or compliance documentation.

Learn more about PFI
8. Pack Work Station

Rules-based solution for void insertion, packing sheet insertion, and automatic taping of shipping cartons. It automates these tasks, cutting labor costs, boosting accuracy, and enhancing productivity. With a single operator, it can process 6 cartons per minute.

Learn More about Pakt
9. Print and Apply Labeling and Manifesting

Automatically manifest, print, and apply shipping labels without any manual touches. Automatically print and apply shipping labels, packing slips, full 8.5” x 11” packing sheets, SSCC labels, ASN Labels, UCC Labels, and Order Identifier labels.

Learn More about Pack and Ship Automation
10. Parcel Trailer Loading

Automatically divert shipping containers based on parcel carriers, LTL, and FTL designations.

Real-time Distribution System (RDS) - Intelligence-Driven Orchestration

At the core of our offerings is the RDS™ (Real-time Distribution System), a turnkey warehouse automation solution that promises seamless integration with its in-house controls and USA-developed software. Imagine 24/7 support from our Chicago headquarters, tailored scalability from 2,000 to 50,000+ orders daily, and effortless integration with all major ERP/WMS systems. Numina is not just about meeting today’s order fulfillment demands; we’re committed to future-ready technology.

RDS adapts to your evolving needs, supporting standard APIs or your preferred interface. Our fully integrated voice solutions simplify workflows, providing a singular vendor experience. Witness the benefits of the highest throughput rate, superior scalability, and phased growth that aligns with your unique trajectory.

The RDS Difference

Numina is differentiated from other warehouse automation companies by our comprehensive solutions and services:

Numina has over 35 years of experience as an independent systems integrator in the material handling industry and is a trusted resource for designing and implementing cutting-edge warehouse automation solutions for order fulfillment and distribution operations.

This year, Numina Group is offering several live, ongoing demonstrations in Booth #B7445, including:

And much more. We’ve implemented a diverse range of high-performance warehouse automation solutions in more than 1,000 facilities in North America.

Meet Pakt – Pack and Ship Automation Simplified

At the show, Numina Group is also proud to showcase its new product, Pakt™ – Pack and Ship Automation Simplified. Pakt is a modular, scalable, family of pack-and-ship automation that streamlines the final 100’ of a DC’s order fulfillment operation. 

Pakt, the industry’s only productized pack-and-ship solution, reduces lead times and enables you to avoid the added costs associated with a custom-engineered solution. Pakt is available to purchase or as a Automation-as-a-Service Model.

A Pakt line will be operating at Numina’s booth starting with the opening bell on Monday morning. Numina Group will have warehouse automation experts available to discuss what they can do to improve your distribution and fulfillment operations.

The Numina Group Difference

Numina is differentiated from other warehouse automation companies by our comprehensive solutions and services:

We can help you choose the right blend of warehouse automation technologies to increase productivity and scale your business, such as RDS™, real-time warehouse control and execution software, voice picking technology, AMRs, and G2P solutions, combined with end-of-line pack and ship automation.

Our warehouse automation experts will be on hand to answer your questions. Learn how Numina Group works with their clients to define, design, and implement warehouse automation solutions to optimize their operations.

For information, please Contact Us Today.

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