Automated Warehouse Solutions to Streamline Labor and Boost Efficiency

When you are investing in a warehouse automation system, it’s important to be sure that the software and technologies you choose will truly reduce labor costs and scale up to meet long-term strategic growth.

Numina Group, as an independent systems integrator, can help you make the best choice of warehouse technology and material handling equipment for your company’s needs. We offer unbiased and detailed expertise across the spectrum of warehouse technology options available today.

Numina’s typical projects result in:

Increase Accuracy


Reduce Labor


Increase Profitability


Download our helpful warehouse automation project checklist. It’s a great way to get started.

Increase in accuracy of order fulfillment to 99.9%

Reduction in labor costs ranging from 30-70%

Increase in profitability by 30%

Tier-I Labor Saving Warehouse Automation Options

We will work closely with your team to design and implement your warehouse automation system using our RDS™ WES-WCS warehouse execution and control software platform. RDS simultaneously manages multiple automated warehouse order activities to allocate, balance, and synchronize order fulfillment workflow across your entire operation.

The RDS™ family of modules include:

We immediately were able to cut temporary labor, which was something in the avenue of 100 bodies, which was pretty significant. It paid for itself right there.

Richard Langnas, President & CEO, United Medco

Systems Integration and Implementation

As an industry-leading independent systems integrator, we collaborate closely with your team to select the right warehouse software and material handling equipment to achieve the highest performance levels and shortest ROI possible.

100% Focus on Customer Satisfaction

We are 100% committed to creating the a results-driven solution that addresses your specific business requirements and goals. For every project, we benchmark your current operations and follow up with our proven methodology for data-driven design, process improvement, technology selection, and implementation plan that you can count on for success.

The result? A documented approach that yields an ROI in as little as 12 to 20 months!

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