Gain a 2X Increase in Picking, Achieve 99.9% Accuracy

with Numina's Voice-Directed Picking System

Looking for a proven way to boost picking productivity without adding to headcount?

Numina Group’s Victory Voice™ is a flexible add-on voice-picking solution that is already helping many companies efficiently streamline and accelerate picking and absorb growing order volumes without adding temporary labor.

Victory Voice will help you:

Eliminate Picking Errors

Voice-enforced pick and pack processes & barcode scanning achieve single touch 99.9% accuracy rates.

Streamline Picking Workflows

Easy-to-understand voice commands direct workers to the shortest pick path & do more in less time.

Reduce High Labor Costs

Existing staff accelerates picking by 30% to 50%, reducing the need for temporary labor.

Increase Picking Efficiency

Learn in minutes. Simplifies training so new or temporary pickers are productive in 20 minutes or less.

An Easy Add-on to Your Existing Systems.

Victory Voice integrates with your existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) or warehouse management system (WMS) to streamline the entire distribution operation.

Download our E-Book: 5 Ways to Increase Pick, Pack & Ship Efficiency.

RDS Victory Voice – The Industry’s Best Pick-by-Voice Solution

We’ve created a comprehensive and flexible solution that works well in diverse operations, including rugged, hot, cold and loud environments.

RDS Voice

The hands-free alternative to paper lists, tablets, and pick-to-light. Integrated with ERP or the WMS, RDS Voice directs order picking with voice-based picking instructions that are delivered to pickers through a lightweight headset.

RDS Voice can scale to a complete order-fulfillment automation suite, managing process improvements across the entire distribution center.

Warehouse Worker using Victory Voice | Numina

RDS Pick-to-Light

RDS™ Pick-to-Light employs intelligent indicator displays that can be mounted on virtually any shelving or rack system, using a message display and indicator light to tell the picker which item and what quantity to pick.

When combined with hands-free scanning to validate picking, RDS Pick-to-Light system delivers higher accuracy and eliminates the majority of secondary checking to boost order fulfillment pick, pack, and ship productivity.

RDS Voice – Optimized with Zebra Technology

Numina Group can help you chose the optimal Zebra’s mobile computing, scanning, and printing solutions to connect every area of your warehouse and transform your operations.

Zebra Mobile Computers

Advanced performance & rugged designs enable workers to perform at their best, shift after shift.

Zebra Mobile Computers

Hands-free mobility & innovative features enable operational flexibility that drives productivity and efficiency.

Zebra Headsets

A wide range of corded & cordless headsets to support speech-directed applications in the most demanding warehouse environments.

Zebra Printers

A full range of idustrial, desktop, and mobile printers for any warehouse or distribution workflow.

About Numina Group

Numina Group provides warehouse automation solutions and omni-channel order fulfillment technology across North America. We bring decades of warehouse design expertise to every project to yield solid improvements and a proven return on investment (ROI).

We integrate cutting edge warehouse automation technologies with RDS™, our top tier Warehouse Control and Execution System (WCS-WES) to optimize distribution operations.

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