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Thanks for joining our webinar on "Has Your Warehouse Operation Outgrown Your ERP?"

If you’re evaluating warehouse automation solutions, schedule time to talk to Numina Group Vice President, Cody Upp. Coffee’s on him with a Starbucks gift card. Book time on his calendar.

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Sr. Vice President, Numina Group

On-Demand Webinar Presentation

Our latest webinar – “Has Your Warehouse Operation Outgrown Your ERP?” featured Numina Group CEO and VP discussing how ERPs were never built to handle today’s complex warehouse requirements. Advanced fulfillment capabilities only exist in WMS and WES applications. The difference is warehouse execution systems are specifically designed to reduce labor and increase throughput without the risk or overhead of managing items, inventory, and locations across multiple systems. Watch the on-demand presentation for a debate covering WMS vs. WES. Which system do you really need for your distribution operation?

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