Achieve the Highest Proven Picking Rates with AMR and Pick-by-Voice Batch Picking

Is there a way to double or triple picking efficiency? It’s more than possible – it’s been proven – with the Numina Group’s RDS™ AMR Large Batch Picking Solution with Order Release Optimization.

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Recognizing the advantage of AMRs and robotic-based G2P technologies, in 2019, the Numina Group led the industry with its RDS AMR Batch Picking solution that unites AMRs and people for fast, accurate, automated order picking.

With RDS™, operators are equipped with Numina’s Victory Voice™ pick-by voice technology that directs them to meet the AMR at the required pick location. Victory Voice synchronizes workers’ picking movements with the AMRs, resulting in a 2X increase in order picking throughput.

Benefits of GTP Goods-to-Person (G2P) Automation

  • Reduced labor requirements and costs
  • Faster speed to fulfill orders in the pick-and-pack processes
  • Increased picking accuracy to 99.9%
  • Ability to meet same-day delivery requirements

Quickly Becoming a Cost-Effective Go-To Solution for Order Fulfillment Automation

Companies prefer Numina’s RDS AMR Batch Picking solution because it can be cost-effectively and flexibly deployed within existing rack storage aisles, and it works in partnership with workers using pick-by-voice, following an optimal pick path that eliminates non-valued walking and fatigue caused by manually pushing heavy carts.

Added Efficiency with AMR Large Carts

Today’s AMRs handle larger payloads weighing over 2,000 lbs., allowing for efficient and cost-justifiable mixed-case to pallet picking and large-capacity AMR pick carts that can support picking eaches and full cases at a more efficient level and lower cost than traditional conveyor-based pick modules.

Results – 250-to-350 Picks Per Operator Per Hour

By combining RDS Order Release Optimization, Victory Voice, and AMRs, operators’ work tasks are unified across distribution centers and picking productivity is doubled. Even better, operators perform at the highest single-touch picking accuracy available – 99.9%.

Reduce Your Technology Investment

Large-capacity AMRs can dramatically reduce your technology investment. For example, a fleet of 6 to 7 large capacity AMRs can outperform 25 lightweight 250 lb. capacity AMRs in order picking.

AMR Highlights

  • Transport, move, and pick 25+ orders in an optimized travel trip.
  • AMRs with large carts and/or pallet movers have a capacity of 2,200 lbs.
  • Cube and load capacity are optimized by RDS’s order picking suite in both each picking and mixed case pick to pallet AMR pick missions.
  • Higher pick density increases picking productivity per AMR and worker picks per hour in piece-picking and case-picking applications.
  • After the last pick, the AMR delivers the cart of orders picked to cartons and cases to an open pack station or induction to a SLAM+ pack sheet insert, auto-void insert taper sealer, and scan-label auto-manifesting, labor-free packing solution.

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