Warehouse Integrator

Warehouse Integrator

Warehouse systems integrators provide warehouse industry, technology, and implementation expertise to companies undertaking a warehouse automation project. Systems integrators vary significantly in their areas of expertise, in-house design services, software, and controls capabilities, which is an important factor of consideration when reviewing firms.

Some firms may focus on specific warehouse technology products and vendors. In contrast, others like the Numina Group are independent warehouse systems integrators who offer an extensive in-house staff of industry and system engineers to augment their clients’ warehouse and IT resources.

As a comprehensive provider, Numina Group’s services extend beyond warehouse technology to include warehouse layout and design services for new and existing facilities, engineering design studies, comparative warehouse technology reviews, and system integration, implementation, training, and support services.

The Numina Group can help companies assess current benchmark warehouse operational productivity; identify areas and processes needing improvement; evaluate warehouse technologies and material handling equipment options; and design and implement turnkey warehouse automation solutions that reduce labor costs while increasing operational efficiency and productivity.

As an independent systems integrator with over 35 years and 1,000 implementations, the Numina Group provides unbiased expertise on selecting and implementing all the leading material handling equipment solutions.

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