Mini Load System

Mini Load

A Mini Load System is an automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) designed for the high-speed storage and retrieval of small items or products in a compact footprint. Mini Load systems are used to store and retrieve items such as products, parts, tools, and small components. They are characterized by their high-density storage capabilities and high levels of automation.

Mini Load systems typically consist of a series of storage modules arranged in a grid racking system or other configuration. Warehouse robots or other automated handling systems are used to store and retrieve products from the mini Load system.

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The robot is typically controlled by a warehouse automation system or other programmable controllers to perform and synchronize a wide range of tasks, including receiving, storing, and retrieving items.

They are well-suited to increase efficiency and throughput in warehouse operations where the labor pool is tight or floor space is limited, in addition to solving product tracking or security problems.

They are often used with other automated storage and retrieval systems, such as vertical lift modules and carousels, to create a fully automated warehouse or logistics operation.

Mini Load systems are often used in aerospace, automotive, pharmaceuticals, and electronics industries to increase productivity, accuracy, and throughput and reduce warehouse labor requirements.

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