Automatic Tapers

Automatic Taper

Automatic taper application machines used in warehouse order processing to automatically apply tape to seal boxes or packages in a touchless manner, without employee intervention. These machines are typically used in manufacturing, distribution, and retail operations to seal packages or boxes in preparation for storage or shipment.

Benefits of Automatic Taper Applicators

Automatic tapers eliminate the need to dedicate workers to manually apply tape in packaging or shipping operations. Tapers are typically included in print-and-apply systems and all-in-one pack and ship automation systems.

Benefits include:

  • Lower labor costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Automated tape placement, eliminating manual rework
  • Lowered risk of injuries

Automatic taper machines can be used with numerous types of tape, including adhesive, gummed, pressure-sensitive, and hot melt.

Several types of automatic taping tools are available, including top and bottom, side, and corner tapers. Top and bottom tapers apply tape to a box’s top and bottom flaps, while side tapers apply tape to the side flaps. Corner tapers apply tape to the corners of a box or package to provide additional support and stability.

A range of full-automatic tapers is available to suit various packaging requirements. These include solutions for the high-speed taping of same-size boxes and adjustable models that accommodate mixed-size boxes within a processing line.

Additional Benefits Through Warehouse Systems Integration

Additional labor savings and higher efficiency can be gained when tapers are integrated for seamless operations with other warehouse automation solutions such as Numina Group’s print-and-apply labeling solution or Pakt™ all-in-one pack and ship automation platform.

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Pakt is designed for warehouses that depend on people performing manual packing and manifesting tasks such as tote-based picking, order packing, keystrokes, hand weighing, & hand applying shipping labels and packing slip documentation.

By automating these tasks, Pakt saves an operation $350k of labor per shift for every ten manual workers in packing + shipping.

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