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Voice Picking System Benefits

Why a Voice Picking System is the Choice to Accelerate Order Fulfillment. One of the most effective ways to streamline warehouse labor requirements – by as much as 50% – is to add a voice-directed picking system to your picking operations.


Synchronize people and AMRs

Learn about Numina Group’s “Direct Me,” solution, an innovative warehouse software application that fully synchronizes people and autonomous mobile robots (AMR)s for more efficient picking, packing and shipping.


Prepare Now for Next Peak Season

Final numbers aren’t in, but 2020 was a record-setting year for shipments. Unfortunately, over 2 million packages did not arrive on time for Christmas, according to the Atlanta Journal. Although peak season brings in a welcome surplus in profits, it also highlights…


Modex 2020 is Here – What to Expect

As a leading material handling and order fulfillment automation integrator, Numina Group has been designing and implementing more efficient distribution centers that provide clients more profitable operations for over 30 years. A design with leaner processes enforced with the right blend of automation technologies streamlines the entire order fulfillment operation to lower labor costs, increase accuracy…


The Latest Trends in Track and Trace SKU Serialization Capture

The need to track lot and serial SKU information for order shipment records is no longer limited to specific industries. It exists throughout the supply chain and if it’s not required today in your business it could be coming shortly! Consider the demands of electronics and computer distribution channels, where a warranty begins the moment…


RDS™ Cartonization Software Increases Profitability Through Optimized Dim Weight Shipping

“One of our customers with an omni-channel distribution operation estimates that they will save over $300,000 in shipping costs by using the latest version of RDS™ cartonization software”, states Dan Hanrahan, CEO of Numina Group. Getting shipments to customers expeditiously and accurately at the lowest parcel and LTL shipment cost is mission critical in e-commerce…

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