4 Reasons Numina Group is a Modex 2022 Top Resource for the Latest Pick, Pack & Ship Technology
March 14, 2022

Discover the Latest Advancements in Warehouse Automation at Numina's Booth #B1813 - Live Demonstrations

Numina Group, an industry-leading independent system’s integrator and software development firm, is a trusted resource in defining and implementing the best blend of material handling technologies matched to our client’s operations. 

We are warehouse automation experts, and our 35+ years of industry expertise are applied to every project. We are focused on reducing labor costs and driving the highest productivity gains and DC profitability.

Stop by our booth and discover the latest advancements in warehouse automation, including autonomous mobile robots, (AMRs) and Goods to Person, (G2P) technologies in order fulfillment pick, pack, and ship applications. 

See live AMR and voice-directed order picking demonstrations, and informative videos.  


Before we detail all of the exciting things in Numina’s booth, we’d like to extend invitation to a Robotics Forum, hosted in DC Velocity’s Booth, B6410

Respected automation expert, Dan Hanrahan, CEO and one of the founders of Numina Group will be presenting at this Robotics Forum. Hanrahan’s talk is unique because it is presented from the perspective of an independent systems integrator, not a manufacturer. 

This allows Hanrahan to present from a level of neutrality toward the different technology options available and evaluating which options are best suited to a specific customer’s requirements, providing them with the best ROI.

Numina’s Modex Booth #B1813 Happenings

I. Autonomous Mobile Vehicles & Goods-to-Person Demos

AMRs streamline and automate batch cart order movement, reducing manual labor requirements and increasing worker productivity by eliminating non-valued walking and pushing heavy carts throughout the DC. 

Blending the right technologies equals faster, more meaningful work, resulting in increased pick rates of 250 lines per hour with increased worker job satisfaction.

Watch as our RDS software directs workers and AMRs order picking, using mobile wearable computers and wireless headsets to pick by voice, and drive maximum warehouse efficiency. 

By combining voice and AMRs, operators are unified across distribution centers and productivity is doubled, while operators perform at the highest single touch picking accuracy available.

Numina - Warehouse Robot - AMR

Numina’s demonstrations of AMRs will highlight:  

  • Transport, move and pick more with a 25+ batch order cart, in an optimized travel path
  • The Addverb 200 series AMRs provides a cart load tugging capacity of 850 lbs. This capability is fully utilized by RDS’s batch cart order fulfillment software suite by picking up to 25 orders during a single AMR trip, driving higher performance in picking efficiency compared to small capacity picking robots.
  • RDS AMR higher pick density provides more picking productivity per robot and employee hour in piece picks, case picks, pallet picking, and pallet moves in distribution automation applications.

II. Victory Voice™ – A Major Leap Forward in Pick-by-Voice Technology
Numina Victory Voice with Screen

Numina will provide ongoing live demos of Victory Voice, its exciting addition to the warehouse automation space, starting with Modex’s Monday morning Opening Bell.

Victory Voice is the true definition of multi-modal voice picking, guiding workers with voice, product location, and visual images on the operators’ wearable computer’ color graphical display. It eliminates operator-based decisionmaking to streamline order picking, packing, and shipping processes.

Victory Voice, the latest generation pick-by-voice technology, outperforms traditional voice systems due to its advanced software suite and state-of-the-art superior voice recognition technology. Its speaker-independent neural network voice recognizer is a key employee performance accelerator for warehouse picking and order fulfillment process improvements. 

Benefits of Victory Voice include:

  • Increase in warehouse picking productivity by 30 to 50% over a mobile hand-held terminal
  • Built-in error proofing technologies to stop picking or shipping errors
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use, it allows workers to be productive in as little as 15 minutes.
  • Includes pre-developed optimized picking processes
  • Includes integrated security
  • Provides labor & productivity tracking by work task
Join us for the Victory Voice Press Conference at Numina’s Booth B1813 on March 29 at 10:30 am. 
III. Ongoing Demos of Pick-to-Light and Put-to-Light Order Consolidation
Numina Put-to-Light Demo

Put-to-light order consolidation technology sorts by light displays, enabling parallel batch order picking across multiple pick zones increasing picking productivity. The put wall enables items from multiple zones to be consolidated and packed fast and accurately. 

Combining Numina’s RDS Pick-by-Voice and a Put-to-Light Order Consolidation Wall (Put Wall System) modules allows a zone-based batch cart picking strategy that increases picking density and reduces picker walk time by concentrating their work within an assigned zone. The combination enables you to:

  • Boost pick rates in warehouse zones with a productivity boost of 40-50% 
  • Add a more efficient multi-zone pick and pack process to existing distribution centers.
IV. RDS™ – Numina’s Real-Time Distribution Software Platform

RDS, Numina’s Real time Distribution Software, is the industry’s most feature-rich and scalable warehouse execution and control system (WES-WCS). RDS has a full suite of pre-developed pick, pack, and ship modules, including order release optimization for directing order picking in combination with the latest generation autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and robotic goods-to-person, (G2P) solutions. 

RDS also includes pick by voice, pick to light, and pack automation combining conveyors and sorters for a complete warehouse automation solution, designed to lower labor costs, and streamline the entire distribution operation, integrated to virtually any ERP/WMS platform.

Come by and talk to one of our software experts to explore how RDS Real-time Distribution Software can integrate the right blend of warehouse automation technologies to streamline your order fulfillment operation.

RDS Order Fulfillment Automation modules include: 

  • Family of APIs to bolt automation on to virtually any ERP-WMS system
  • Integrations to G2P and AMR’s
  • Order release, cartonization and work balancing across multiple work zones
  • Pick by voice – batch cart, fork truck, and conveyor picking
  • Pick-to-light picking & put-to-light order consolidation
  • In-line scan, weigh, dimensioning (SWD), and order vision audit
  • Conveyor control and high-speed sorting
  • Pack automation – pack sheet print and insertion automation
  • Print-and-apply labeling tunnels for multi-sided application of pack slips, pack sheets, shipping labels, compliance, ASN, UCC, and Hazmat Labels at rates up to 55 CPM per line
  • Labor tracking and reporting across the DC operation
Full-Service Warehouse Design and Implementation Services 

Numina Group provides end-to-end, expert warehouse design, engineering, systems selection and implementation services.

Stop by the booth and talk to one of our warehouse automation experts to learn how Numina work with customers in a collaborative manner to define process improvements and select the right blend of technologies to drive the highest productivity at your operation. 

We’re excited to invite you to join us at Modex 2022 Booth #B1813 to discover how we blend pick, pack, and ship automation that together drives the greatest gains in DC profitability. 

We’re excited to invite you to join us at Modex 2022 Booth #B1813 to discover how we blend pick, pack, and ship automation that together drives the greatest gains in DC profitability. 

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