Six Key Features of a Top-Tier WES-WCS

To automate complex order fulfillment operations, it takes a top-tier WES-WCS platform with specific functionality and integration capabilities. Here is what to look for.

Pack & Ship Automation – Moving From Customization to Configuration

Why does productization matter for pack-and-ship solutions? Learn more about the financial, operational and technical benefits you’ll gain.

Automate an Existing DC or Open a New Satellite Warehouse?

Recently, Numina Group was engaged in a warehouse design engineering study for a growing e-commerce client struggling to meet their growing SKU volume and faster fulfillment requirements in a same day window to meet customers’ expectations. The client asked our design team to consider whether opening a…

Voice Picking System Benefits

Why a Voice Picking System is the Choice for your Automated Warehouse Fulfillment Operation. One of the most effective ways to streamline warehouse labor requirements – by as much as 50% – is to add a voice-directed picking system to your picking operations. Order picking can be the most labor-intensive and labor-costly activity in omni-channel…

How the Right Warehouse Automation Decisions Can Solve Your Labor Woes

How the Right Warehouse Automation Decisions Can Solve Your Labor Woes As the economy roars back to life, manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing operations face long-term challenges in attracting and retaining qualified workers. The temporary labor pool, which many companies rely on during peak periods, is also shrinking. With a near-record number of job openings in…

Synchronize people and AMRs

Learn about Numina Group’s “Direct Me,” solution, an innovative warehouse software application that fully synchronizes people and autonomous mobile robots (AMR)s for more efficient picking, packing and shipping.

Prepare Now for Next Peak Season

Now is the Time to Get Ready for the Next Peak Season Final numbers aren’t in, but 2020 was a record setting year for shipments. Unfortunately, over 2 million packages did not arrive on time for Christmas, according to the Atlanta Journal. Although peak season brings in a welcome surplus in profits, it also highlights…

Vaccine Rollout Logistics

The Logistics Behind Rolling out the Covid Vaccine The Covid 19 vaccine distribution effort is being described as the biggest logistics challenge since World War II

Order Consolidation Put to Light Walls

Put Walls, What are they and Why Might Your Operation Need One? Learn how Software Revamps a Flexible, Economical, and Rapidly Deployable Solution to generate a quick ROI Are you looking for new ways to accelerate and increase order fulfillment throughput without increasing labor costs? Put Walls have many beneficial uses in the warehouse or…

Voice Picking Technology Myths – Debunked

Common Warehouse Voice-Directed Technology Myths – Debunked There are quite a few outdated concerns and myths surrounding voice directed picking automation, and we’re here to clear them up. Numina Group has been implementing Pick by Voice Solutions since 2008. The performance speed, efficiency and recognition rate for industrial voice engines has continuously improved over the…

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