Health & Personal Care Company Doubles Warehouse Productivity and Reduces Labor 60%

United Medco Doubles Warehouse Productivity and Reduces Labor 60% with Numina Group`s Warehouse Automation Solution

Company Profile

United Medco is a national wholesaler and distributor specializing in support and full-service warehouse order fulfillment deliveries of over the counter (OTC) pharmaceutical and wellness products to major medical insurance companies.


Growth and an expanded product offering had obsoleted United Medco’s paper-based picking operation. “Our sales growth had greatly surpassed our operational throughput,” said Richard Langnas, founder and CEO. “We were bursting at the seams and could no longer keep up with our daily order volume.”

Solution – Pick-to-Light Order Fulfillment Automation Maximized Picking Efficiency

United Medco selected the Numina Group to design an optimized zone routing pick to conveyor system incorporating a pick-to-light system with hands-free barcode scan validation, increasing pick rates to 300 lines per hour while boosting picking accuracy to 99.8%.

To round out the solution, inline pack slip, void-fill-taper stations, and print-and-apply labeling of the carrier shipping label were incorporated to increase order flow in the pack and ship areas.

Problem Solved with a Scalable Order Fulfillment Solution

According to United Medco’s CFO William Cuervo, the pick-to-light system has significantly boosted productivity and simplified employee training, a big plus in a tight labor market.

Langnas added, “I’m confident that United Medco can readily respond as demand grows. The manner and speed in which the Numina system works to pick, pack, and ship orders is clean, neat, and efficient.”

See the Benefits Below in this short Video:

Numina Group’s RDS warehouse automation software manages and controls the entire system from order start to final carrier sorting. The solution delivered a rapid ROI by reducing labor costs by 60%, allowing United Medco to meet peak order volume spikes while keeping order fulfillment costs down.

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