Combining Voice & Robotics to Gain Maximum Efficiency

Combining Voice & Robotics to Gain Maximum Efficiency

At the Numina Group, we work with many diverse technology tools to design the most efficient and cost-effective warehouse automation solutions for our clients.

Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), in particular, have proven to be a highly efficient tool for e-commerce fulfillment operations. AMRs can also deliver significant value in more complex fulfillment operations.

Read how Northshore Care Supply combined AMRs and Voice Picking Resulting in a 100% Productivity Improvement.


NorthShore Care Supply, a leading distributor of personal care products, was experiencing a “good” problem to have – double-digit annual sales growth – pushing fulfillment operations to the limit.

With sales growing by 30% a year and a lease set to expire in the former facility, Adam Greenberg, President, realized it was time to “move into a facility with an infrastructure that can scale up to handle many times our current sales volume as our brand awareness increases.”


NorthShore worked with the Numina Group to create a system-directed warehouse solution using software and AMRs with growth in mind. Numina Group’s Real-time Distribution Software (RDS™) warehouse execution and control system batches the orders to generate the highest pick density in a zone with the least amount of travel for the robots and the order pickers.


Among the benefits, NorthShore has transformed its operations with:

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