Voice Picking Demos Innovation at IRCE 2013

Jennifer Maloney
June 5, 2013

Omni-Channel and E-Commerce Order Fulfillment Automation Expert, Numina Group will demonstrate their latest innovations in voice picking

to improve order fulfillment operations, during IRCE in Booth 1757. Numina’s Lean Voice Pick, Pack, and Ship process supports multiple distribution channels, streamlining B2C, and B2B order fulfillment.

Woodridge, IL (PRWEB) June 04, 2013

Live demonstrations of the latest advancements in voice picking will take place in Booth 1757, at Chicago’s McCormick Place, during IRCE 2013, the world’s largest e-commerce conference and exhibit. Numina Group’s Real-time Distribution Software, RDS™, a Tier 1 Warehouse Control System, (WCS) has a full suite of order management and automation modules, including a voice directed pick module. Numina’s voicepicker directed picking is hands-free and speaker independent with zero operator training requirements.

Dan Hanrahan, President of Numina Group described the company’s philosophy, “We focus on designing lean, efficient perfect order distribution processes. A lean order fulfillment process automated with the latest voice picking technology delivers higher order accuracies, lower labor requirements and a fast ROI, many times in less than 12 months. Our track record in automated order fulfillment for Omni-Channel, Direct to Store, Retail and E-Commerce repeatedly delivers a flexible distribution operation with proven lower cost per shipment.”

Numina Group invites internet retailers to Booth 1757 at IRCE 2013 to discuss lean practices for pick, pack, and ship operations. Numina’s team designs and implements lean practices that result in lower operator wasted walk time and touches resulting in increased productivity and lower implementation costs. Numina Group calls this lean process improvement – automation enhanced, resulting in a single lean order fulfillment process that lowers the cost and requirements of material handling equipment. Lean single touch pick and pack process increases productivity and profitability by decreasing error rates and labor costs.

Numina’s industry leading RDS™, Tier 1 Warehouse Control System (WCS) is an open systems platform. RDS™ has a full suite of order management and automation modules, including pick to carton, using voice picking in combination with intelligent zone routing conveyors or Numina’s Smart Pick Cart™ for single touch pick and pack order validation, eliminating the need for secondary inspection at packing. Smart Pick Cart™ provides an order picking solution utilizing voice picking and the option to enhance the speed of the pick process by combining wireless pick and put to light functionality. The system supports batch picking of 12 or more orders to increase order picking productivity speeds by 30%. It is a cost effective picking process that in many applications has a better ROI than conveyor systems.

As order volumes reach 2,000 or more shipments a day, intelligent zone routing conveyor, matched with best practices picking and SKU velocity slotting, leads to highly efficient and accurate order fulfillment for a wide variety of distribution requirements, especially for fast growing Omni-channel retail, e-commerce and direct to store order fulfillment. RDS™’s Cartonization Module assures the “right sized” order cartons are selected to match the shipment requirements and route orders to conveyor pick zones, reducing operator labor and walk time, delivering increased operator picking efficiencies of 200-300 lines or more per hour.

“Voice Picking supported by our WCS software automation modules makes picking automation a simpler choice. The customer can start with a small system, prove out the ROI and expand the solution with the savings obtained throughout the operation. We are looking forward to the IRCE to introduce our solutions to internet retailers,” said Hanrahan.

Also on display in Booth 1757 at IRCE 2013 will be Numina Group’s automated pack & ship system, X-Press PAL™. This system provides a complete in-line packing automation solution, complete with a full suite of capabilities, including: in-line scan, weigh, dimensioning, pack sheet print and insert or print and apply of the pack sheet and shipping label.

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