MMH Details New Omni Channel Distribution Center At BRG Sports Designed By Numina Group

Jennifer Maloney
May 10, 2014

Modern Materials Handling’s cover story describes how The Numina Group helped a client implement automated conveyer systems for omni channel distribution.

WOODRIDGE, IL – The cover story of the October issue of Modern Materials Handling Magazine features a Numina Group success story. The cover story is entitled, “Taking Out the Touches at BRG Sports.” It focuses on BRG Sports’ new 813,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution facility. The vision behind this new facility was to increase the company’s capacity by eliminating the touches that often result from conventional materials handling processes, such as waste, time, and cost. The facility is complex because once its integration has been finalized, BRG Sports will have merged eight different distribution centers and four brands into this one facility.

“Taking Out the Touches at BRG Sports” discusses the fact that in order to manage the complexity of omni channel distribution, BRG Sports worked with The Numina Group to minimize touches by designing and building a Greenfield facility that utilizes:

  • Narrow aisle storage to save space
  • Hands-free, multi-modal data collection tools to direct picking activities
  • Automated materials handling equipment, including
    • Automated conveyer systems
    • Automated sortation systems
    • Automated print and apply systems
    • Automated packing systems

“It is an honor to have one of our clients featured in Modern Materials Handling. We love working with cutting edge companies like BRG Sports and helping them design systems that will increase their capacity and allow them to operate more efficiently,” said Dan Hanrahan, CEO at The Numina Group (

BRG’s new facility features 44,000 pallet locations, expandable to 60,000 locations; 2 miles of conveyor; and systems that can support 60 cartons per minute in mixed full-case order shipments and 100 cartons per minute in the combined full case/split case modules. A warehouse control system (WCS) allows parallel pick, pack and ship operations across brands, channels and order profiles. The WCS strategically times the release of work and coordinates activities so the correct cartons for an order arrive at the correct shipping area at the correct time, thus minimizing travel and touches by employees.

Building this facility enabled BRG Sports to work with The Numina Group to design new systems from scratch, thus allowing them to better meet the needs of an ever-changing industry.

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