Material Handling Systems

Material handling systems that combine cutting-edge warehouse automation technologies to streamline fulfillment, increase efficiency and profitability

Material Handling Systems by Numina Provide Maximum Automation

Numina Group is a leading expert in the design and implementation of material handling systems that combine effective warehouse design with cutting-edge automation to streamline processes, and

As the first step in a material handling system project, we provide expert warehouse design services to improve product storage space, picking, packing, and shipping processes for new existing and new operations. 

Our team works closely with your team to optimize your warehouse layout and compare and select the optimal material handling equipment for your operations.

Numina’s automated warehouse systems are designed to balance order fulfillment processes and provide significant cost reduction and increased profitability.

Warehouse Control Software for Material Handling

Our warehouse automation solutions are powered by RDS™ WCS-WES, our superior warehouse control and execution software. RDS integrates with all existing WMS/ERP systems to control tasks, execute business rules, and provide real-time control of material handling automation.

Order Planning & Execution

RDS WCS-WES also contains a very flexible and powerful order release management module for increasing picking productivity across the entire distribution center (DC). RDS™ order release module uses intelligence automation software (IA) to optimize order fulfillment productivity. RDS goes far beyond traditional wave, batch, or continuous order release methods.
RDS can incorporate many types of advanced warehouse handling equipment and solutions for total automation of your material handling systems:

Voice Picking System – Our voice-directed picking system provides quick setup with no training required and hands-free voice-directed instructions guiding employees through the most optimized pick path.

Print and Apply Labeling – Eliminate excessive manual labor by automating the labeling operation with fast and accurate placement of shipping labels, compliance labels, packing slips, and packing sheets.

Print-Fold-Insert Technology – Automatically print, fold, and insert shipping documents into cartons prior to sealing with accuracy and speed.

Scan-Weigh-Dimension – Numina’s in-motion scanning verifies weight and dimension with visual inspection and sorts the cartons to the proper shipping carrier.

Our material handling solutions eliminate tedious, repetitive, and manual tasks with efficient, simple-to-operate technologies that deliver ergonomic comfort, higher employee satisfaction, and compelling labor savings.

Benefits of Material Handling Systems from Numina

We work collaboratively with our customers to maximize their facility’s throughput capabilities and achieve profitability by deploying a top-tier warehouse execution system capable of powering advanced warehouse automation technologies. Through the deployment of our warehouse automation solutions, we have helped numerous clients:

99.9% Order Picking Accuracy with RDS Voice Material Handling Automation

Numina’s RDS voice picking system combines configurable modules that will transform your DC into a lean, high-performance order fulfillment operation using the latest generation Zebra mobile wearable computers.
RDS Victory Voice workers in a paperless picking operation using voice commands and hands-free barcode scan validation. Operators not only pick faster, they pick more accurately consistently achieving a 99.9% or better primary pick accuracy.

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