Pack to Light Featured at ProMat 2017

Jennifer Maloney
April 2, 2017

Featured at Promat 2017 Numina Group’s Pick by Voice & Pack to Light Boosts Order Fulfillment – Booth S3452

Numina Group will demo its Real-time Distribution System, RDS™ Warehouse Execution and Control Software (WES-WCS) which combines pick-by-voice and put-to-light order picking and consolidation into a pick, pack, and ship suite for e-commerce and omnichannel distribution operations at Promat 2017 – Booth S3452. 

Numina’s pick by voice solution directs the primary picking directly to the shipping carton while also directing the picking of items to the put to light consolidation operation. The new software module provides a highly efficient and cost-effective means to simultaneously pick orders across all of the DC’s pick zones and to gain a 30 to 50% higher productivity in current or new distribution centers. 

Pick-by-voice, when combined with put-to-light, allows both single zone picking direct to the shipping carton and simultaneously sweeping items across all of the warehouse zones to consolidation totes. This provides efficient order pick and packing at the Put to Light Consolidation Area.

Put-to-light walls can scale from small to large order consolidation requirements. A typical size is 50 or more order consolidation shelf positions. Each shelf includes a pick to light-put to light multi-color display indicator/ and confirmation button and shelf color LED light-bar illuminator. 

Each display position includes a color light bar that illuminates to light the entire shelf position to quickly and accurately guide the operator to put and verify placement of the required items to the required shelf. Operators use a hands-free blue-tooth ring 2-D scanner to scan either the item barcode or the tote/case batch of items to rapidly light, put, and confirm orders. 

The new put wall order consolidation technology allows a single operator to perform 500+ item scans and puts per hour.

When the last item is scanned the alphanumeric display is lit showing the order is complete and the required carton size for packing and shipping.

“Pick by Voice when combined with the latest advances in Put to Light order consolidation increases pick and pack order fulfillment and boosts productivity an additional 10 to 15% compared to a Batch Cart only picking process,” stated Rick Ernst, VP of Software Development at The Numina Group. 

Put to Light order consolidation as a component of voice-directed cart and fork truck picking reduces operator walk or fork truck travel time and increases operators hourly picking rates by allowing more items to be picked per travel path. Additionally, an added bonus of the RDS Voice software module is batch picking and directing the put of all single SKU orders within the zones to a separate tote for “Speed Picking” of the single line orders and directing the singles tote to a high-speed pack and ship line.

Interleaved, simultaneous picking operations with highly accurate 99.99% voice technology, gain even further efficiencies added to the picking process when combined with RDS’s pack automation technologies. RDS pack automation integrates conveyor, auto print, fold, and insert of the packing sheet, scan- weigh-dimensioning-vision audit and print and apply of the shipping label to further reduce labor and increase order shipment throughput performance.

Numina Group’s RDS platform contains a full family of software automation modules to efficiently manage and execute order fulfillment pick, pack, and ship processes. 

The order fulfillment software module includes RDS Voice utilizing a highly advanced mobile computer for voice directing the DC workforce. Orders are picked using RDS cartonization logic directly to the shipping carton using an advanced speaker-independent voice technology that eliminates operator training time. 

This technology will be demonstrated at Booth #S3452. Stop by, and learn why intuitive pick by voice, put to light order consolidation, and pack and ship automation has provided our customers documented savings of 50-70% workforce productivity gains!

RDS™ Voice Pick & Pick/Put to Light Automation

Pack and Ship Automation

Shipping and Manifesting

About the Numina Group – Numina Group has more than 35 years of experience in the design and implementation of automated warehouse and distribution centers. Numina Group’s Real-time Distribution System, RDS™ is a top tier Warehouse Execution and Control System (WES-WCS) with an advanced order fulfillment automation module that includes pick by voice, pack, and ship process automation technologies for automated warehousing operations. 

Numina Group provides a full range of services from warehouse design and consulting services as well as solutions for pick by voice, pick and put to light, print and apply labeling, automated conveyor systems, and sorting material handling controls for turnkey automated distribution operations. Our expertise eliminates bottlenecks and excessive labor while improving accuracy and throughput in order fulfillment.  Contact us or further information.

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