Committed to Supporting our Customers during this Critical Time

Jennifer Maloney
April 7, 2020

At Numina Group, we’re committed to go the extra mile and make a positive impact on our customer’s success, especially during this critical time.

Last week, a major computer distribution center client contacted us requesting a software change to our RDS™ Warehouse Execution and Control System

This customer was experiencing a huge increase in order volume, especially laptop computer and equipment for home offices along with hospitals, federal and state government medical centers for co-vid 19 testing services.

Our client needed the ability to identify and prioritize the medical/healthcare order to ensure they are processed first and shipped the same day. 

Our VP of Software Development re-arranged his schedule and got to work that evening to make this software enhancement happen ASAP.

He increased the speed of the RDS Order Wave Release software to a 15-minute cycle and changed the logic to allow RDS to identify and prioritize the critical healthcare orders ahead of standard orders.

Results: Our customer stated the changes worked exceptionally well and the critical medical orders are getting prioritized, picked packed and shipped on-time, same-day!

We’re all in this together, adapting to the challenges so we all emerge stronger than ever. Numina Group remains bullish on the USA due to our strong work ethic and can do attitude!

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