PRO Number

PRO Number

A shipping PRO Number, an abbreviation for “progressive rotating order” or “progressive number,” is a unique 7-to-10-digit number assigned by a carrier or third-party logistics provider to track the status of a shipment from pickup through delivery. PRO numbers are usually accepted as an industry standard tracking number for less-than-truckload (LTL) and truckload (TL) shipments.

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The PRO number is used to track the movement of the shipment and to identify it within the carrier’s system. It is typically used in conjunction with a bill of lading and other shipping documents to provide visibility and traceability for the shipment as it moves through the supply chain. The PRO number can be used to access shipment documents, check shipment status, and track the shipment’s location.

The assignment and tracking of PRO numbers can be automated as a step in the workflow of an automated warehouse system.

A PRO number can be assigned at various points shipment planning and execution process, such as when the bill of lading is generated, when the carrier picks up the shipment, or when the carrier inducts it into their terminal. The assignment process depends on the shipper’s order fulfillment process and systems.

High-volume shippers may also store a large pool of pre-assigned carrier pro numbers in their warehouse automation system or transportation management system to be automatically assigned as orders are fulfilled for shipment and carrier pickup. This allows for quicker shipment execution and eliminates the need to manually create PRO numbers or contact the carrier each time they are needed for a shipment.

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If not, the carrier or logistics service provider will affix a sticker to the bill of lading that contains the PRO number. Depending on the shipping provider’s process, the sticker will be added to the BOL at the pickup location or the pickup terminal. PRO numbers can be placed on each pallet being shipped and applied to other shipping documents, such as the bill of lading (BOL), for identification, storage, and later review.

The Difference Between a PRO Number and a BOL Number

The BOL number is a unique identifier that the shipper generates. The PRO number is generated by the carrier or logistics service provider. When tracking a shipment, use the PRO number when talking to the carrier or service provider, as they may not have access to complete shipment data such as the BOL number in their system.

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