Why Shipping Managers Love Numina’s RDS Pick, Pack and Ship Warehouse Automation

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Not only does Numina Group’s warehouse automation solution increase order fulfillment productivity and reduce warehouse labor costs, it also increases employee satisfaction and performance levels.

In this short video, Josh Pollock, the shipping manager for Numina’s client Rainbow Resources, lists the reasons why he loves RDS™ Automation, including:

– Reduces labor requirements to meet daily shipping volumes

– Automates and simplifies warehouse tasks

– Frees him up as a manager because employees understand their job better

– Allows for easy cross training and onboarding of employees

– Increases the number of orders processed in a day with fewer employees

– Decreases errors rates – Better support for zones and receiving operations

– Reduces damages

– Has a positive effect in every aspect of the shipping operation

Numina Group designs and implements pick, pack, and ship warehouse automation systems that will reduce labor, increase productivity, and improve accuracy in your distribution operation.

Learn More about the Numina Group’s RDS Family of Warehouse Automation Solutions.

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